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Ahoy, traveler! This is Merrill Stubing speaking: captain of the legendary liner that’s brought more hearts together than Cupid himself...the love boat! Or should i say “former captain”! It’s been years since we’ve hit the seven seas and our noble ship has seen much, much better days. That’s why i need you help. The memories of far off lands and far off loves that this ship has crafted must live on!
I’m in the market for a chief happiness officer. Someone to put the “love” back into our “lova boat”! But it’ll take a lot of work. I can count on you, right?

The Love Boat Puzzle Cruise hack

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Yes? Great! Then let’s start with the ship’s hull! It’s rusty, colorless, and full of holes. Grab some tools - let’s get this sailboat seaworthy! Match three shapes of the some type by swapping adjacent shapes. Keep collecting the required shapes to beat level! New tasks have been added to your task book. Tap here to see them. Tap icon to complete the task using the stars you’ve earned. This old may just regain its former glory after all. With a little elbow grease, and a lot of love, we can make this former jewel of the sea shine again! Let’s get back to work. As Happiness officer, you have the honor of choosing our ship’s signature colors! Let’s bring some brightness back to this humdrum hull!

The Love Boat Puzzle Cruise cheats, hack codes

Match four shapes to from a square and see what happens. You can also activate power-ups by double tapping them. We got a bomb power-up. Swap it with an adjacent shape to use it. Keep using bombs to help you collect the shapes you need and beat the level. Our boat is missing something. What could it be? Oh, right: it’s missing everything! We’ve got furniture inside these boxes, but it’s no use unloading them while the ship is still so dirty. Help me swab the deck, Captain! Tap < > icons to move between the boat’s floors. You can explore all of the boat while you’re in it.
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Now that our deck is sparkling clean, we can unpack the furniture. For if we want to bring back life to this ship, we must give life a place to sit! Let’s refurnish our boat! Try matching six shapes together for explosive results. Use color wheel to clear all of the shapes on the field. Detonate more bombs to recharge the color wheel! But be careful: the wheel’s color changes every turn!

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