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Find Spirit anchors by searching in rooms with clues in shadow tiles. Destroy all the spirit anchors on the board to turn all tiles back to normal. The game is divided into several moments of gameplay that are called “phases”. They always take place in the same order: 1. Player phase (heroes perform their entire turns). 2. Enemy phase (creatures move and spawn). 3. Board cleaning phase (the board is automatically prepared for the next player phase).

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Heroes start every turn with 3 action points which they can use to perform any of the following actions at a base cost of 1 AP: move, search, attack a creature, search a clue, destroy spirit anchor, gather ammo, trade items/weapons, reorganize inventory, use hero skill, block door.
Hero basic actions: move - when selected, the game will show all available zones to which the hero can move into and also display the action points cost of each zone. Search - can be used once per turn to get the item card at the current zone. Once a zone has been searched for items, it can’t be searched again.

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When all action points have been spent, the only thing left to do is to end the hero’s turn. Alternatively, players may choose to end a hero’s turn before all of their action points are spent. Destroy door - connected to the hero’s zone. Reinforced doors require special weapons to open. Gather ammo - rolls a 6-sided die to gather ammo. Can be used only once per turn. Blocked doors can only be opened using a weapon with the following icon.
Weapons - rage: the minimum and maximum distance (measured in zones) in which the weapon can be used. Damage - done to the creature if the attack hits. Extra hits increase the damage by 1.
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Attack dices - number of dice that are rolled to determine if the weapon hits or not. Accuracy - the minimum number that needs to be rolled for the attack to be a hit. Attack - use one of your equipped weapons by tapping on it. Shadow tiles are those in which the otherside is overlapped with the normal world. There, creatures can appear to ambush heroes who move through its interior zones. The only way to turn shadow tiles is to discover its spirit anchor and destroy it.

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