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Why stay Earthbound when prosperity awaits you in the stars? Come to Halcyon, the only colony on the edge of the frontier owned and operated by corporations! A trip of ten short years will feel like mere minutes, thanks to the comfort and safety of your very own hibernation chamber. You’ll wake up in a perfect society designed to maximize your productivity, with guaranteed full employment! With only a minor term of service, you will become the master of your own cheat destiny when you go out of this the Halcyon Colony!
Ah, there you are! Wondering what’s going on, eh? Bit of bad new there, i’m afraid. Your colony ship was inexplicably knocked out of skip space and forced to complete its journey at sub light speeds. This means that you - and every other colonist on the Hope - have been in suspended animation for seventy years. Give or take. Normally, reviving someone after so long leads to some quite horrifying results. It’s called explosive cell death, but it’s really more of liquefaction.
Something wrong? Oh. Yes, well, not worry, I’ve pumped your body full of a special concoction i devised to keep you from dying so horrifically. Hopefully, at all, but i guess we’ll see, yes? Unfortunately, i used the last of my cheat code supplies saving you. I know it’s a lot to ask, but i must have your help securing more if we’re to save the rest of your fellow colonists. Now, my ship is inoperative, but i’ve managed to hire a smuggler to help you out. I see we’re in position. Good luck!

The Outer Worlds hack

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The Outer Worlds Controls: O - use to go undermeath obstacles and to sneak. Crouch to sneak and avoid detection. WHile sneaking, use tall grass, rocks, or other cover to hide from enemies. Use this sneak past enemies or sneak up on them to initiate combat. Double click the jump button to dodge left, right, or backwards. You have low health? Use pass codes or the emergency medicinal inhaler to heal. Each activation consumes 1 adreno.
YOu can fast travel to locations you have unlocked by opening your map and selecting your destination.

The Outer Worlds cheats, hack codes

Melee and ranged weapons have item levels, the higher the number the better the weapon. Break down unwanted weapons into parts that you can use to repair others. If your equipment is in need of repair or modification, the Crux 2000 workbench is at your disposal.
Low damage weapons are ineffective agains heavy armor. When more than half of your damage is absorbed, you will see your damage numbers float downwards - you might want to switch weapons.
The Outer Worlds wiki
Companions - they are characters that join you in your adventures and help in a variety of ways: companions provide combat support; their skills enhance your skills; they increase your carrying capacity. You can unlock special companion combat abilities with the inspiration skill. Learn more about your companions in the ledger.
Some things you can do to make your companions tougher: give them better armor, increase your determination skill, give them companion perks that improve their health or toughness.

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Marader Goon - a close range attacker that rushes in and slashes with their blade.
Vandal - ranged attacker that wears light armor and uses handguns.
Hooligan - ranged attacker that wears medium armor and attacks with rifles. fHVdOZ - skill points
y9nN5x - treasure chest
ULgjqZ - hyper attack
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