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Welcome to new game, where money, power, and pandering put the presidency within your grasp! What party do you associate yourself with? Run as a Democrat if you consider yourself liberal and like the color blue. Run as a republican if you consider yourself conservative and like the color red. Democrat - the progressive party of social securities and social justice. Republican - the conservative party of personal freedoms and free market.
Next we're going to set your difficulty. Since you're new to the game we'll set it to cakewalk, but feel free to raise the difficulty if you feel like a challenge.
Cakewalk - a baby could become president in this mode. They shouldn't, but they could.
Beginner - the perfect difficulty for politicians that don't want to sweat too much.
Normal - not too hard, not too easy.
Tough - victory won't be easy, but if you know your politics then you'll have a shot.
Painful - only the toughest people should take on this difficulty mode.
Masochistic - warning: you will lose. There will be tears. You've been warned.

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hack The Political Machine 2020 Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Now that you've selected your party, it's time to choose your candidate. Use list to select the politician you want to play as, or scroll to the bottom to create your own candidate. Every candidate has their own stats. Some have more moves. Some have more money. If you want more details, you can even swipe left on the stats panel to expand the available info.

cheat Step #2: Final step before you hit the campaign need to choose an opponent!
WHile the candidates fly around the country it'll be your job to place ads, hire operatives, and lay out a successful campaign platform. You have 21 weeks to convince enough voters to vote for you. Come election night, the first candidate to 270 electoral votes wins. If you ever want to stop and strategize, simply press the pause button to take time to get tactical.

code Step #3:By tapping a state you can bring up the state info panel. This very important number is the electoral votes for this state. If you win this state, these are the votes you get. 270 to win! Polls show you how voters feel about the two candidates, as well as the percentage of undecided voters listed in the middle. If you want to win this state, target it with an advertisement campaign to speak out on a specific issue.

The Political Machine 2020 Step #4: You can use advertisements to talk about issues important to voters in a specific state. Ads about you can raise your standing with voters, while attack ads - ads about your opponent - can lower their standing. Use thumbs to determine how voters will react to your message. Find combinations that get a "thumbs up" from independent voters as well as voters from your party.

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  • 2. Win the points - win the presidency. You’ll need to win 270 electoral points on election night to claim victory.
  • 3. Candidates travel on their own. They’ll visit the states while you manage the overall strategy.
  • 4. Money comes from fundraisers. When fundraisers appear, tap on them to fill your warchest.
  • 5. Spend money on advertisements. Ads are expensive, but boost your issue ratings over time. Take a stand on issues. When fundraisers appear, tap on them to fill your warchest.
  • 6. Spend money on operatives. Operatives affect the state they’re in. After enthusiasm, issue bonuses, and more with some hired help.
  • 7. Town halls: build your ideology. Tap town halls for ideology pts. The higher your medial bias, the more points you get. Spend ideology points to excite voters. Bring your platform to the masses. Be careful - endorsing certain issues will send voters to your opponent.
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When the candidates are done campaigning, you’ll need to press this button to advance to the next week. Use this oportunity to view the map, place ads, hire operatives, and make sure your strategy is working as planned.

Hire operatives:
Fixer - can be used to take out one of your opponent’s operatives. Select the fixer on the right side of the screen, then tap a state to target. Note: if the state has more than one enemy operative in it, the fixer will randomly chose a target.
Cheerleader - instantly raises your enthusiasm in a given state by 25 points. Now that’s something worth cheering for.
Smear merchant - decreases opponent issue rating by -25% in the target state, making their ads and speeches less useful.
Spin doctor - will raise your issue rating by 30% in the target state, making ads and speeches more powerful.
The intimidator - lowers opponent enthusiasm by -3 point per week in the selected state. By knocking down campaign signs and putting pressure on media outlets, the intimidator keeps people away from the polls using a variety of underhanded techniques.

The trick with attack ads is to craft a message that upsets independents and members of their own party. Tap fundraisers to get money, which can be spent on ads and hiring operatives.
Tap town hall’s to get ideology points, which can be spent on building the message of your campaign. how and where enter

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