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The Celleways’s army has started to attack, we should build our territory as soon as possible. Hurry, recruit heroes! Our training building has been build in territory. The heroes who escape from the kingdom is waiting out there! By the way, you can spent some gold to remove flowers to get small amount gems. When heroes training at building, different buildings will improve heroes’s status. If luck, will get great success to get more powerful to heroes.

The Rambler Village hack

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THe heroes are training, the insufficient training heroes are difficult to defend from empire’s army. The characters strength is depending on your building’s level in territory, we need to prepare more material for upgrade your building. Let’s crusade some goblin to get some material first. The only same job stand in the sam row, if over 3 heroes in same job will make other heroes move into next row! During the battle, it will follow sequence by archer>wizard>warrior>priest, to use well with your attack sequence and skill will have magnificent result that you can’t image that.

The Rambler Village cheats, hack codes

The reconciliation of lord has been increased, you can team up more heroes now! Let me tell you a secret that is great success times will influence title’s quality. YOu can spent some gold to remove flowers to get small amount gems. The lord, we must let the heroes who have been trained to maintain sufficient training before the empire army arrival. Please send them to finish quest. The reward for completing the mission is quite large and must be helpful to you!
The Rambler Village wiki
You can build the mine, and the mining of the mine can make you have a lot of coin for use! The building will be unlocked as the level progresses, and each time the building is upgraded or the new building can make heroes will become stronger and stronger after training.

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The Rambler Village tips
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