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You think maybe the seven deadly sins bastards were trying to destroy Liones as well? But the grandmaster of the holy knights figured out the seven deadly sins betrayal and stopped them in their tracks. The stories of that battle are something else, huh?
The grandmaster of the holy knights fought hard, but the seven were powerful and the grandmaster became more and more exhausted. Yet he never backed down! He fought the seven sins until the very end. They say he held his ground until his body was all mangled up when the bastards kill him.
Rumor has it they’re all dead..But they put those wanded posters up every year. Doesn’t that mean they’re still alive?

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Skills are distributed at the beginning of each turn. Select a skill to use. You can select as many skills as there are empty slots. Skills are activated in the order they are selected. Tap and hold a skill to view its information in detail. If two of the same skill are next to each other they will become a higher rank skill. There are three ranks for each skill. You can predict the actions that will occur next turn with the skill icons above the enemy’s status bar.

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross cheats, hack codes

Skill types: attack - inflict da,age. Buff - grant positive effects for a set number of turns. Stance- provide effects while assuming a stance. Debuff - apply negative effects for a set number of turns. Recovery - which recover HP.
Tap an enemy to select them as the skill target. Select a target and proceed with the battle. Eliminate the enemy that will activate on the next turn to be more efficient in battle. You can move skills to different positions by expending one of your skill uses. The number of skill uses is decreased when moving a skill but it is possible to increase ranks of multiple skills with one move. Completely filling the ultimate move gauge allows the hero to use an ultimate move. You can use skill lock to skip a turn without using a skill.
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Each attribute has leverage against another attribute. Use these leverages to your advantage to make your battles easier. Tap reset to remove all selected skill from the slots. Reset skill select - this way, you can reset to an empty state before you selected skills.
It’s gonna be tough all around when the Holy knights catch up to us. Why don’t set a team to decide who will fight with us? You can set your team from a list of heroes you own. You can use auto set to form a team easily. Setting a team based on enemy characteristics will help you in battle, so be sure to take a look at their information too! Placing a hero in the secondary slot gives you an extra skill during combat. Fighting with 7 skills at your disposal is a big deal in a bettle, so make sure to set one.

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