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Long, long ago, evil forces drove the world as we know it to the brink of ruin. A long war raged for thousands of years, and ultimately the humans emerged victorious. A dark stone was used to seal the path into the demon world. The humans who led mankind to victory in the war were called the golden knights they became legends.
You’re the newly appointed captain correct? I’m afraid you’ll need to got to the front lines right away. I know it’s sudden, but please defeat the monsters and protect the main hall. Lt me provide you some assistance!

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You can move your hero using the control pad. Now try tapping the attack button. Use the autoplay button to make your heroes fight automatically. You now hame time to prepare your next orders. Overwhelm your enemies by using powerful skills. If you substitute your battle hero, the hero on the battlefield will return to your hand.
Thankfully, the summoning hall is still standing. Summon comrades and keep this place protected. Use the summoning hall when you need a new hero. Use ruby pass- this allows you to summon heroes of higher drages.

The Sky Arena cheats, hack codes

It seems like the monsters who ambushed the main hall came through the forest. I’m afraid i need you to go out on a scouting mission. Tap the hero you wish to take to battle. Use the info button to view the character’s stats. There is a legendary weapon that can be equipped. Select the first equip,ent slot. YOu can upgrade or equip weapon or gear. Tap an empty slot to find out where you can obtain that equipment. Tap the auto skill item - this allows your heroes to use skills automatically. All battle preparations complete. Time to head to the battlefield.
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While you were away on your scouting mission, i prepared some facilities that might be helpful. First, let’s construct the upgrade hall where you can upgrade your heroes. Buildings can be purchased from the store. You can upgrade heroes and their skills at the upgrade hall. When using the same hero as material, one of the hero’s skills will level up.

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