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Ou Yang Feng is causing trouble in the Kung Fu world. Hunted by many honorable heroes, he has sought refuge in White camel mountain. Click the frame to control the battle. Click an enemy to lock the target, if you don’t use manual lock, the target will be locked automatically. Try to slide from left to right, it can trigger total attack. Try to slide from left to right, it can trigger total attack. Attacking enemy will get energy, you can use unique skill cheat when the energy is full.

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Click soul ball to launch unique skill. Click hero recruit to get powerful characters. Edit team, choose a new unit to deploy. Click the empty slot to choose a hero. You will get red hearts possibly when you attack which will restore your health points. The more you get, the more points you will restore. Click absorb to make hero level up and upgrade stats. Use upgrade star to increase character’s base stats and growth highly.

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Buy and equip items to improve hero’s power. THe monk is the front is a tank, he has a special skill melancholic palms can kill the tank immediately, then help you defeat them. Use skills: Tide sword - attack the default enemy rapidly, deal a lot of damage and increase attack of yourself for 2 turns. Anti evil - summons a giant pestle to attack the default enemy heavily, deal a lot of damage and stun the target. Moon - summon a sharp sword to attack the enemy repeatedly, deal a lot of damage.
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Over 100 unique main heroes with powerful skills having various effects will give you many innovative ways to form you team. Besides, each hero has close relationships to some others, when teaming up alongside suitable ones, relationship buffs are activated and make them much stronger.

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