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Endless War The war of Argon Game controls: Arborea, a beautiful continent created by the ancient gods Arun and Shara. various races continue with their ways of life. Then one day, the continent faced a grave crisis form the invasion of the unknown, “Argon”. Alarmed, the seven races of Arborea launched a counterattack by establishing the Valkyon Federation.
After the battle, a victory ceremony was held to celebrate the recapture of the outpost. The captain was acknowledged of his critical contribution of the recapture operation and was appointed the commander of the outpost. Having seized the core energy, the Argon Queen urther burns her ambition to invade the continent.

Endless War The war of Argon hack

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Commander, the war with Argon has severely damaged your dominion. The main buildings must be restored to manage your territory. Press the repair button on the headquarters to begin rebuilding it. The headquarters is the core building of the dominion and determines the maximum level of buildings and land limit. Upgrading the headquarters increases the number of armies able to be sent. There’s something wrong with the main core. We can’t detect the core energy.

Endless War The war of Argon cheats, hack codes

The change in the core energy has created a dreamstorm. If we leave the dreamstorm as is, unknown enemies will invade us and start another war. You must enter the dreamstorm with the heroes and close it. You can adjust the position of the skill by dragging it. The military area has been decontaminated. Develop your military area and acquire a more powerful army. First level up the headquarter. Raising the level of a building can increase its efficiency. Press the construction button in order to build the barracks. Now you can build a training center.
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Start training shieldbearers - are a class effective against archers. When training is completed, the sheildbearer will belong to your dominion. Use speed up to complete the training quickly. We must destroy the second core of the rift. Destroy the enemy with the heroes. The domestic area has been activated. Now you can develop your dominion even faster. The academy provides beneficial effects that will help both military and domestic affairs.

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