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YOur souls is over. It’s up to me to decide what to do with your soul. Don’t ever tell anyone this that is said. When you get to town, there’s an ugly guy named Bakeoss. If you become a friend with him, he will give you a free legendary weapon. Don’t ever tell him that i sent you.
Village: it’s not easy to live in here. i’m here on a mission to give basic weapons to new recruits like you. How’s it going? Isn’t it too good a free weapon? This is also a general welfare provided for free in the village. What? Are you asking what you can do with a piece of a wooden stick? No, no, no! A weapon like this can become a legendary sword here! Get out of town right now and come back with 10 boar! Then you’ll realize that this wooden stick is actually a legendary sword.

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Do you know what you need the most in the fights to come? It’s the potion and cheat codes. There’s no hospital here. You’re gonna have to take care of yourself. No matter when you leave this town, make sure you go to the Lefric and buy some potions or use cheat code to restore your health. When summoners first come here, they choose their jobs. They can do business or they apply as the security forces to protect the base. But there are no more opening there. You must join the expedition tema and take down the tower. And i heard the attack party at the tower is having a hard time. Why don’t you help them out? You must take down at least 1 tower if your are a summoner. Nothing is more important than that.

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You can maintain the flame of soul by seed of the soul that you obtain from hunting the monsters. When the flame of soul goes out, we lose the power of mana. That flame is the source of power that allows us to use magic or swordsmanship. Now, to perform as the attack party, go gather the seeds of the soul and meet the party at the 1F. You have an aptitude for battle. Here, take stone of trial code. This is an item needed to get into that tower. Now i’m going to go after the tower, and i’m going to give you a few warnings. Don’t be upset. Listen carefully.
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You go after the monsters in the tower one by one. There are bosses on every floor. These bosses are very scary things, like potions. We must check the weapons conditions and go after them. You probably won’t die, but be careful. You don’t have to be so scared. You must be surprised. Your face has turned blue. Its not as bad as you think. The boss on the first flor the goblin chief, so you can easily defeat it. You can strengthen the item through the enchantment menu. You need to be well equipped so you can use your strength in battle. Enchant item and increase its ability and the option be increased or added at 3/6/9/12. Enchant status may decrease when failed and items used as materials will disappear. Now that i have let you know, strengthen if your fights are difficult next time.

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The enemy inside the tower is powerful, so we recommend having a party. Party members get their own experiences and items. And to enter the tower, you need a stone of trial. If you use up every soul, souls will be corrupt and some of your items are lost. The items belong in corrupt souls. The soul can be found in the area where you were dead before and if you win in battle, you can recover the items.
Triple killing - a quick triple attack, which each attack inflict 70% damage of attack power, chance to increase own attack speed for 10 seconds. Flame bom - shooting fire balls, deal 200% of attack and burn with a 50% chance. This burn deal 40% of attack every second for 5 seconds.
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