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Cops don’t use the police station cafeteria any more. There’s some kind of stigma against sitting shoulder to shoulder with your partners. Everybody just takes snacks from the machines, or grabs a meal and hammers it down in the corner like a vulture on a corpse. The main thing - don’t look into anyone’s eyes. Could be construed as an invitation to sit together. The only people eating here are ghosts.
My deputy, Francis Kendrick. He recently became one of those ghosts. The subject of one of the most devastating corruption scandals in the history of Freeburg. No evidence to support the accusations, but everyone knows Kendrick’s days are numbered.

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Freeburg PD organizes upcoming work assignments into shifts for today and tomorrow. Every shift, officers respond to crimes in progress, and detectives continue their investigations. You can freely move employees between shifts.
All officers and detectives possess several important characteristics.
Professionalism shows the overall efficiency level of your policemen. A figure around 150 is considered average: any policeman who falls short of this mark is not entirely reliable, while those professionalism is considerable higher than average are a safe bet, even in a pinch. An individual s level of professionalism may rise and fall over the course of their carrer.

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Energy shows how tired your policemen are. The less energy your people have, the less reliable their work, and a policeman who is exhausted might fall asleep at the wheel or make a critical error on the job. Your employees lose one point of energy after each working day, and restore one point after each day of rest.
Hidden characteristics: your employees don’t tell you everything. Some additional characteristics are hidden from view. For instance, some cops are lazy and will come up with any reason they can think of to take the day off, while others like to drink too much. You can only guess about these things, but you should be able to draw your own conclusions based on the behavior of your employees.
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Responding to calls is the bread and butter of police work. You’ll need to send your officers to the crime scene before the timer expires. A mark on the map shows where the call came from. The farther away the destination is from the police station, the longer it will take your officers to travel back and forth - so the longer your people will be tied up and unavailable for upcoming work.
The easiest way to determine how difficult a task might be is to check how many units you are allowed to send on the call. The more units you can send, the more serious the alleged threat. Particularly risky missions give you the option of sending SWAT, but they must be accompanied by at least one officer.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • The number of slots is not the only thing to consider. Any available information - from the location of the crime scene to the presence of weapons and so on - all of this can tell you how seriously each case should be taken. A mission might look simple at first glance, until it turns into a brutal meat grinder. Or a serious call can come in which turns out to be a false alarm.
  • When everything goes well, the police capture the criminals and nobody dies. But the truth ism sometimes the criminals manage to escape. Just try to avoid any dead cops or civilians. Dead cops will hurt your roster, and dead citizens bother the mayor even more than living ones.

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When your cops aren’t sure how to proceed, they might contact you and ask you to handle the situation. Try to deal with whatever comes up, but don’t waste all your time on this stuff. You have plenty of other problems on your plate.
If you think you’ll need a couple of extra hands tomorrow, you can order any cop to come in an work overtime. But if they’re working flat out, they’ll be much more exhausted. Somebody’s bound to make a mistake.
When a police officer is too tired to be effective, he will ask for a day off. Sometimes officers will request days off even when they’re at full strength. Some of the reasons you’ll hear are far fetched, while some are very serious. Don’t over indulge your subordinates, but don’t antagonize them either. Remember that everybody’s got secrets, and you’ve got to make sure these guys have your back.
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In addition to their performance ratings, police officers also possess rank. Employees begin at the lowest rank, and can be elevated in rank with one, two, or three stripes. Once a week, you can pass out stripes and improve the rank of any employee. If you think that no one is worthy of the honor some week, you can postpone the ceremony until later. Insignias won’t go out until your people are ready.
Employees of rank not only increase in professionalism, but also learn to command. Whenever a ranking officers is on the scene, his or her colleagues are more likely to perform better than usual. Sometimes when cops gets rank, they start thinking more seriously about their service. This can mean less drinking and more time spent on the job. Some of them might even turn out to be dependable.
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You have a certain number of paid job openings, for which you can hire any available applicant. Job slots are separated between officers and detectives.
If you have legal grounds for the termination, no one will ask any questions. You might need to fire them anyway, legality be damned, but that could land you in additional proceedings - and your other staff will become more worried about keeping their jobs than they are about actually doing their jobs. Another way to free up a slot is to have a police officer killed, but that’s not really a valid option, right?
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