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Free hack Three Kingdoms Legend cheats code list - silver coins, tokens, gold, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Three Kingdoms Legend cheat world: in the end of Eastern Han dynasty, eunuch is ruling the government, and Huangjin troop is everywhere. The world is in turmoil. Who can turn the situation and save the people. Every country should recruit voluntary soldiers to exterminate Huangjin troop and to comply with the god’s will i’d reward heroes based on their exploits. For heroes with brilliant contribution thousands of gold will be rewarded and i’d grant him high position.

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Lord, the city has already been ours. Let’s work hard to build it. Only by building up city can we obtain food and soldiers and only with sufficient food and soldiers can we conquer the world. Resuming the city’s production is also our task given by government. YOu lead your force to do it then. Remember to claim rewards from government’s inspector after completing the building.

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Characters: Lu Zhi - he is the descendant of noble family in Yingchuan in east Han Dynasty, Lu Shi’s student in childhood. He’s very clever and enter the imperial college. Tong Yuan - he comes from Penglai in Shandong. He has always been observant and clever since childhood and learned from master of spears in Penglai. Zhang Fei - she comes from CHenliu in east han dynasty. She is the descendant of noble and is good looking. When the royal family is weak, she didn’t rule the government through she is rich.

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Yamun is the most important building un the city, level of other buildings can’t exceed level of Yamun. Yamun can collect silver coins and develop internal affairs. Upgrading building will accumulate building queue time. When building queue time turn into red, you can’t upgrade building and you need to wait for the building queue to cool down.
The city is a little but crabby after war. A lot of residents have left. Now, upgrade the residential and attract them back to the city.

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  • It's time to collect silver coins from residents. Silver coins is required in doing everything. Though the residents have just suffered from war, but collecting silver coins is also for the city's better development.
  • Everyday you can collect for 10 times, but after every collection, you need to wait for a while for next collection, otherwise residents will rebel. Moreover, the amount of collected silver coin is relevant to local population. You can upgrade residential to increase population and raise collection income. But collection will reduce morale. The lower the morale is, the less silver coins can be collected.
  • Upgrade cropland - the higher the level of field is, the more provision can be harvested.

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    Tutorial Three Kingdoms Legend(wiki) :
  • Enter farmland plant. FOr saving the city from danger, i'd paid back by plowing land for you. I've plowed the 6 lands for you and prepare you 2 wheat seeds for planting. Please harvest them in time when they get ripened and exchange them for provision for soldier's use.
  • Remember, the level of yamun is critical. All building's level can't exceed Yamun's level. And upgrading level can activate more functions.
  • You can claim reward after completing tasks. Rewards include silver coins which are important for the development of main city as well as the more precious gold.
  • Remember to reinforce the equipment before meeting fierce enemies.

Three Kingdoms Legend tutorial

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