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You are finally here! We are excited to be under your lead! My Lord, what lies in front is your fief, the base for your future. Shall we start by constructing the warehouse? Constructing and developing your fief requires a large amount of coin. Let us construct coin mine.
Your admirer is waiting for you to summon her at the summon hall. According to reports, we have determined the whereabouts of the yellow turbans! Head to quests to further investigate.

Three Kingdoms Domination hack

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Drag the general avatar to assign them, or use auto assign to place your strongest heroes in the formation. You can use “warcry” once during the battle to raise every stats of the generals on field. Once rage is fully accumulated, heroes can use their skills.
We have obtained shards from the battle. Combine to get characters from your bag. As wise as you are, it is difficult to accomplish much with just you alone. Summon more generals to conquer the world with them.

Three Kingdoms Domination cheats, hack codes

You may choose auto if you do not wish to manually direct the battles. Tap code button to activate auto. An officer has just reported that there are chapter mission rewards that can be claimed from the fief. There is also information regarding how to train generals. Please head back to have a book. Don’t forget to raise the skills of your heroes as they are very valuable in battle. Match with other players in the practice located in the fief, and get exciting rewards.
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Note: my Lord, i hear that there are star treasure within these quests. We should check out how to get them. Once you have collected enough stars, you can open up those chests! Battle power increases greatly after enhancement, so please train the generals under you! Blueprints for forging equipment are dropped in hard quests. My lord, are the story quests getting tougher? No worries! The chapter missions have prepared rewards for you to raise your power, do check it out!

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Quest list: capter 1 - construct warehouse and coin mine, collect coins, summon generals; chapter 2 - yellow turbans encounter (clear normal quest), construct coin mine, destroy yellow turbans, warlords gather, raise general level.
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