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Free cheats tools, codes list (andoind/ ios), redeem pass. Three Kingdoms Raja Chaos cheat list, hack: 1. Enter code yrn4A9LZ - Advanced recruit can obtain stronger heroes. Must recruit SSR hero in the first 10 times.
2. Use cheat 6bd0WVYZ - 9999 friendship points.
3. Enter hack wb17IEpM - unlock SSR hero.
4. Pass duF1xfUi - 999 gold ingot.
5. Restore action points code - wIZufZwu. Action points rewards are provided at 12:00, 18:00, 21:00 from Da Qiao, remember to receive them in time.
6. Enter FqV1zYbD - upgrade hero. The hero can be upgraded with 4 materials.
7. PtW1uUG1 - speed up. Level up VIP, you will get longer free speed up time.
9iGibtpS - resources
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My lord, Qiao has been looking forward fro your coming for long time! Villages outside the city were robbed by the yellow turbans, folks gather here for help. Our foods will be ran out soon, my lord please develop more farmlands. Build one of resource field on empty land. Finish for free if building time is less than 5 minutes. Developing our city requires a great amount of wood and ore. Let’s build a logging camp and iron mine. Remember if you need resources - use cheats codes, hack tools y6sQ4dng.

Three Kingdoms Raja Chaos hack

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Finally we have enough resources to settle folks. Let’s upgrade our palace now (unlock new spaces). The prosperity of the city has been restored already.
A large number of yellow Turban are attacking our city gate. Now that the war is intense, we are in need of heroes. My lord, please go to the hero pub and recruit some talents with me. Advanced recruit can obtain stronger heroes. Finish story to obtain abundant ingots rewards. Congrats on the victory! We found a few items among the reward. Please equip your hero with them to upgrade his power.

Three Kingdoms Raja Chaos cheats, hack codes

The hero can be upgraded with 4 materials. Upgrade complete! Hero unlock new skill and gain skill point. Let’s try to level up his skills - use pass. He become stronger with new skill now! Let’s continue to fight against the Yellow turbans and look forwards to the victory! It’s wise to replenish your soldiers in the barrack before a battle. You can increase your power by researching technology. And make more friends through embassy to obtain friendship pts.
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Join guild: first time joining guild cna obtain ingots reward. Guild member can help you upgrade your buildings., research guild tech, obtain strong buff, finish quid quest, obtain daily salary. Days login - you can gain deluxe rewards when your total logins reach certain amounts. Farmland production boost - double the production of a farmland with the highest level for 1 day.

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1 IkyWzjlq upgrade
2 cmk6TvtL level up
3 mRqJ4NXH coupon
4 84WSivZn promo code
5 X6JgcbYx gift box
6 MMRf86X2 gold coins
7 P0kVtXdY month card
8 M4iTOnar premium pack
9 NKJsDov8 vip ticket

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