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During the late Eastern Han Dynasty, Dong ZHuo moved his army to the capital. Wherever the army reached, the situation became unrest and people were plunged into an abyss of misery. Dong Zhuo murdered the monarch and his subjects, even humiliated the monarch’s mother, when entered the capital. He dominated the court conqueringly. Everybody was deterred by the danger. They dared not mutter a word. Dong Zhuo played assertively, causing governments and administrations were in a terrible mess. Trying on commanding millions of troops, seigniors started to challenge the central government. They also made war between each other for supplies and territories. The flames of war were spreading over the three kingdoms. The battlefield flowed with rivers of blood. So many people died of the war.

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However, the nature has its law. Who will be the chosen one who can change people’s fate? My Lord, ahead of us is the fief the master mentioned before dying! Our fief is occupied by evildoers. Soldiers, go and take our place back and build our homeland! Reinforcements are coming to support us!
Thanks so much for taking up the cudgels against an injustice, heroes! My Lord, we’ve taken fief back! Let’s look it over first. Use cheat code - send resources for you to rebuild your fief once the heard you recaptured it. The government hall is an important building. Levels of all the other buildings depend on it. So let’s upgrade the hall first.

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At the end of Ding Han Dynasty. Lords of everywhere are caring their troops rather than folks. Constant wars ruined cities and made people cannot survive. Everything is waiting to be repaired. Upgrade: hall, grain field, forest farm. Armament expansion: training soldiers, recruit generals. When building upgrade time is less than five minites, we can complete it immediately for free or use hack codes. You can claim rewards for each quest completed. Resources are scanty in the early stage, so you can try to complete guide quests to get lots of rewards. Grain and fodder should go ahead of troops and horses. Let’s renovate the farm. Plenty of grain will be produced once the farm is renovated. We’ve going to renovate the forestry station next. Upgrading the building requires a mass of timber. Plenty of timber will be produced once the forestry station is renovated or use Three Kingdoms Truce cheat engine.
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Don’t be lazy. There are a lot of things to do. Let’s get on with it. Training soldiers is beneficial to resist your enemies but also enhance the strength of your city. Acceleration item code may be helpful when it’s urgent. Soldiers give full play to the combat effectiveness when fighting with excellent generals. Tavern is a place that lots of talented people gather around. You can get experience book or blue to orange generals, one free time everyday. The general is the core combat power of the city. Therefore, the training of the general and its importance, the promotion of the general level can enhance the general attributes, attack and upper limit. It is especially important to learn to deploy the military. Tap general detail to view the information, or try to upgrade or equip gears for the hero.

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My Lord, our city grows well, but you have to reflect on the future development, because we’re in a disordered world. You’ve mastered basic cheat code operations. Now, please allow me to introduce how to help you keep a footgold in the disordered world. By defeating enemies on the world map and collecting resource points, you can get the resources you need for equipment and city construction. After joining the forces, the master can complete with the allies of the forces for the various cities on the big map, and after the occupation, they can get rich rewards. Our ultimate goal is to unite allies and ally, occupy the most central city in the world map, and dominate the world. After the level challenge, you will be able to use a large number of soul and military shards to give the military a star. The hack, cheat engine can get a lot of advanced equipment to improve the quality of the military equipment. Foreign enemies can ge a lot of resources and props, and after countering success, they can counterattack their territory and explore new ways of playing and maps. Competition of any daily activities and codes can obtain a large number of meritorious deeds to obtain the official position, the higher the official level, the more enriched.
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Besides, as a great advisor Three Kingdoms Truce, i’ve assembled some development plants for our city during this time. I will put these plans in the guide quests. If you can develop your city based on them, you will do something one day! how and where enter
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