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Free hack Throne of Elves cheats code list - gold, energy, evolve, promo ticket, materials, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Throne of Elves cheat world: welcome to the border city - Norfield. I'm little elf, the local guide here. All first time adventurers, please come with me! You performed well in the realm of the black dragon. I think you'll be a great adventurer someday! Select characters - demon hunter (crossbor, amulet), ranger (bow, stone), ninja (daggers, amulet), kensai (sword, gloves).

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Instructions: In the settings screen, you can change your name. The first time you change your name is free, but afterwards, you must spend 60 gems. Ok, now you're free to move around the city of Norfield. If you want to practice questing, go chat with Afiya. I happen to have a beginner's quest. Goblins were spotted outside castle forest. They're not too dangerous, sometimes they'll gang up and rob a pedestrian. Why don't you drive them away?

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You've leveled up and can unlock new skills. Upgrade all is a quick way to level up skills evenly. Skills: tqctical fire - transfer you energy to your right hand and deal damage and slow debuff to the enemy in front of you. Ground chains - wrap the enemy and pull them closer and give them a whipping, dealing damage.
There are two ways to restore energy - it regenerates over time and is restored when you hit an enemy. Pay attention to traps and switches while adventuring. They can be more dangerous than beasts.

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When you smelt gear, there is a chance to receive higher level gear. Gear of the same time will have different stats when refined. The percentage of stats added by refining helps the character's stats, not just the gear itself. Switching weapons removes all buffs and debuffs and restores energy.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: dungeon - are you tired of clearing stages? Team up to adventure the dungeon! Legendary jewelry and thunderbolt equipment are waiting for you to take. Monster invasion - the most powerful boss and the high quality gem are available in the daily monster invasion. Collect gorgeous valkirye! Summoning in battle not only turns tide of war, but also enhances your attributes.
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Tutorial Throne of Elves (wiki): Dear heroes, we prepared a nice activities to all players. The rewards of the activity include T-elves weapon, casting material and lots of gems. We believed it will make you enjoy this game. Start exchanging tips, learning more about the game, reporting game issues and most importantly having fun with other heroes.
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