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Cheat code story: you can control your character by tapping the map. Follow the cobblestone road to reach the next stage of your journey. You will expand your army throughout the game. But to do so, you must collect the following types of resources: gold, wood and recruits. WHile on the road, you can find useful items and even new companions who will support you in battle. If you don't want to miss anything, be sure to thoroughly explore the map and complete side quests.
Treasure map - search the area and you may just find the secret location marked on the map with an X. Most interactive objects are marked clearly on your map #map-code , but not all. Some events cannot be predicted, so you'd best be prepared for anything.

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hack Thronebreaker Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): first, story battle - unique cards may appear in your hand or deck. Battlefield - you will play your cards on the bottom half, and your opponent will play on the top. Units can be played on one of two rows: melee or ranged. But remember! The abilities of some cards may be different depending on the row you play them.

cheat Step #2: A standard battle can last up to three rounds. The first to win two rounds wins the whole match. Players alternate their turns. During your turn, you can play only one card, but you can use any number of abilities. The player who goes first in a match is the same who initiated the battle. In this case, you encountered an ambush, so your opponent will have the first turn.

code Step #3: The strength #thronebreaker-game of each unit you play adds to your army's total strength. The player whose army has the most strength points at the end of a round will win the round. Some units have armor. Armor absorbs a certain amount of damage deal to the unit.

Thronebreaker Step #4: Most cards have an ability of some kind. To learn more about it, select the card and read its short description. Additional information will appear if you press and hold the card. The arbalest's ability allows him to deal damage equal to the number of cards on the row where he is played. His ability is activated the moment he is played.

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  • 1. Scythemen have the loyal ability. This means that their other abilities are activated every time you use Meve’s ability. Each leader has its own, unique ability. To learn what it is, just select the leader. Hero's ability allows her to boost a unit's strength and add armor to it. She can use this ability once every few turns.
  • 2. Your opponent's cards also have abilities. Be sure to read their descriptions carefully and adapt your strategy accordingly.
  • 3. When you have played all of your cards (#cheats-engine), the end turn button will turn into a pass button. When you pass code, you will not be able to perform any actions until the start of your next turn (#tronebreaker-game).
  • 4. The player whose army has the most strength points at the end of a round will win the round. In the event of a tie, both players will receive a victory point.
  • 5. At the beginning of second and third rounds Thronebreaker, each player draws three cards from their deck. The player who won the previous round will play first in the next round.
  • 6. Camp buildings allow you to expand your army and give you access to important information. Most cam buildings (#building-hack-tool) can be improved in your workshop. These improvements will give you access to stronger units, thus easing your journey down the line.
  • 7. FOr your journey, you'll definitely need access to a regional map. But to get it, you will first need to improve your royal tent or use cheats.
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