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The world is where the unknown code can materialize. Enough with the explanations. You made the BTP values of the forces that are registered in the fortress useless. Can I see your skills. Select adventure mode by swiping the screen to the right. Tap open menu, then tap dungeon to enter adventure dungeon. Swipe the screen to enter adventure dungeon. Those are the unknown code that I created. Tap the basic attack card below. You cannot use skills when a basic attack is used. The same goes for skills. When skills are used, you cannot use basic attacks. Tap a targed – the selected target will be attacked first. End action button – after you use a basic attack or a skill, tap this button when you don't need to control the heroes anymore.

Ticket of fantasy cheats android, ios hack codes

Ticket of fantasy  –  hack cheat
Well done. Now look at the bottom part of your interface. You will be able to see the souls and skill cards below. These souls are the ones the hero currently owns. Spend souls to use skills. Souls increase by 1 every turn, and can be replenished to their maximum value. The increased number of souls are maintained during the next wave as well. The skills in these slots can currently be used by the hero. The skills are consumed when used, and can be used again in the next battle. When a skill is used, the souls owned by the hero are consumed. Different skills require different amounts of soul. When a skill is used, 1 of the skills owned by the hero is randomly added to the skill slot.

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Ticket of fantasy  –  cheats code hacks
Now let me explain some of the convenies features. They will help you when you play the game. Auto battle button – that will play the battle automatically. It uses available skills randomly. If there are no skills that can be used, it will proceed with basic attacks. Skip animation button – it's recommended for uses who prefer fast game play over fancy scenes. End turn button – when all actions of heroes are done, you can tap this button to end the current trun. Player skills are located in the top left. Tap to select it. You can obtain 1 point per level. You can also use crystals to obtain points in advance. Points obtained in advance cannot be obtained during future level ups. You can freely level up and retrieve points for all player skills. Player skill points can be purchased in advance using crystals or hack cheats code. Suru – she is very fond of rabbits and always wears a rabbit shaped accessories. The name of the rabbit she summons is Umi.

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1. Vfb0bQiEPe – premium store
2. w1Je7cJQrh – available points
3. E2af9KZ2IU – remaining points
4. cXwPXZ6rT4 - crystals
5. 75LWRKNo23 – key box
6. ppV1k7ofwn – summon tickets
7. gevwBIGzTg – gift pack
8. AsmcieU1TH – gold coins

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