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Hello, friend. It seems i've gor myself in quite the predicament. I've traveled here, to this place and time, to face a great Evil. But I alone! If you can handle the strategy, i'll handle the combat. Tap an enemy to target it. Normal attack – attack a target to cause physical damage. These bots pack a beating, but i've got a surprise to fry their circuits! To use a skill, just select it. Temporal rupture – rip apart the stands of time to bring down destruction upon your foes. Lightning sphere – call down lightning from the heavens to deal huge damage to an enemy. I'm sorry to summon you like this, but you're my last hope. I've detected anomalies in the fabric of time. Someone ore something has been tracking me. I believe they're after my inventions! My time machine is nearly fully-functional, but if it falls into the wrong hands.... That's why you and I are heading into the past to get the jump on them. Quickly, let's go before another anomaly occurs.

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Time Quest: Heroes of History –  hack codes
The time stream is unstable! The machine is breaking apart. Quick! Through here! Whew, that was close! For emergencies such as this, I built this spatial partition against chronological extremes. The chronoregulator has been removed from the machine. That must be what caused the malfunction! We'll need to recover it to get back home. But first, we've got to find the other time pieces that scattered throughout the time stream. Before anyone else does. Select the time portal to travel to the location of the first missing piece. However, i've located some heroes from this time who should be able to help us. When you're ready for action press the fight button.

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Time Quest: Heroes of History –  cheats secret bug
As a peaceful scientist, i'll leave the fighting to you. Don't forget to use your skills. Seismic shock – rend the earth to damage many enemies. The speed bar above each hero shows the order they'll act relative to their teammates. A speed bar with more filled segments indicates a faster hero. A red speed bar means that hero will act before the currently selected hero. And a green speed bar means they'll act after the current hero! Helpful stuff to know when coordinating items or attacks. Paralyzing grasp – chains of force stop an enemy for 3 turns. Caution: attacking trapped enemies frees them. When fighting big groups, focus on one enemy at a time is a good way to thin the herd. Only heroes conscious at the end of the battle gain experience, so use your HP cubes wisely.

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1. N7rkSTlZus - silverium
2. eI0ZGorJDk – gift pack
3. KCAgsVossl - enhance
4. e26PjDTxOK – summon heroes
5. aaC4X9TbIr – skill points
6. fncHxtPpoT – gem crystal
7. cwBvdXkrCC - metal

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