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The city was destroyed in a flash as a fireball passed in front of it. The night shy was filled with countless shadows, which seemed to laugh at the weak human beings on the ground. I vaguely remember opening the door of my own room. The light inside prevented me from opening my eyes. When i opened my eyes again, i found myself in a strange city, a strange world. I was in front of the girl pulled past, too late to do any thinking, the body has consciously followed her running forward.


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Elf lord, come here! The situation is now out of our control and i will explain to you later. Please follow me like this and we will take you to safety first.
There was a loud bang from the surrounding area and the blast sent shockwaves through the vehicle, toppling the science fiction looking vehicle to the ground. I was hit by a huge blast, rolling and rolling on the ground. I didn’t stop until i hit something.
The line of defense is running out. So many shadows! Fortunately they are all melee, the ghosts in the back can’t attack us for a while. Let’s go an show those shadows what we can do.

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The ground had opened a long gash from the fighting. The girl named Irene fell into the crack, the building collapsed, countless pieces of rubble to plug up the opening of the crack. The shadowman’s archer gains a bonus on the field, Ace’s attack is not enough! Our site also add effect! Let Ace appear ont he grid with added effect. Ace can kill the archer in seconds! Allows our archer to gain a bonus to kill the shadowman who controls the gunner! We can win!

After the battle we joined forces with a young girl named executor, who also seemed to be an ally. But the world i’ve heard so far. Alliance, shadow man. What are these? It doesn’t matter at this point. Though, because i’m still being attacked by a force called the shadow men, and the alliance is protecting me.
Enemy have a shield the protects boss from a single attack, and we don;t have any means to crack it. If we don’t end the fight with a single hit, we’ll be very passive for the rest of the fight. At this time if there is a combo partner in the good. Click on the character to vier his information! If you don’t know your opponent, check it out first. Click on the hand card partner’s avatar can also view information. In case you forget the effect of your partner’s skill, you can check first.
The alliance partners gradually converged. But the shadowmen are also attacking us more and more. The opponent hides behind the obstacle to occupy the ground, the obstacle can resist the attack, must first destroy the obstacle to go.

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THe men around me, who call themselves “union soldiers” are armed to the teeth, and their weapons don’t look like products of my life. Take the young woman next to me, Ayer. Her weapon looked light, like a mechanical magic machine, but i saw something just like a fireball burst out of it and beat off a shadow man. 3e4kyH - High level recruitment: has a higher probability of recruiting senior heroes.
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