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Let us create the miniatures of my adventures. You can do this by solving puzzles. So, let’s start the first stage. Remove pieces by matching three identical ones. You solve the puzzle by fulfilling the objectives. You get a star each for the solved puzzle, activated blasters and remaining turns. And for every star you receive a new kit. The stars show your progress. If you want to see your kits, go to the tinker table. You can combine your collected kits here.

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But you’ll need more of them. SO let’s start the next puzzles. Match 4 pieces in a line to create a rocket. Now swap it with any adjacent piece to launch it. Your turns are limited. Fulfill the objectives before they are used. You have enough kits for the first scene. You unlocked the park scene. For each scene you get rewards. Now let’s collect more kits for the tinker table in the next stage. Find out what happens if you match 5 pieces. Oh, it’s a bomb! Double tap to launch it!

Tintin Match cheats, hack codes

Try to match 4 pieces in a square. Brilliant, a kite! Let it fly towards a token needed for the objectives. Very good, but you need a few more. Start another puzzle. Match 5 pieces in a line to create a neutron blaster. Match it to remove all pieces of a colour from the board. You have enough stars for the first medal challenge. Unlock and start it. You win medals and a kit per level here. Medals are needed to unlock new dioramas. But let’s go back to the tinker table first.
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With building instructions you can create items like the hammer. COme back later for more! You should try the hammers in the next puzzle now. First you have to select a hammer. And now use it to take the yellow piece off the board without using a turn. Do you see the two blasters? combine them and see what happens! Remove the boxes by activating blasters or creating matches next to them.

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