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You’re finally here! I was getting worried! Come on, no time to lose! We need to put some goods on the stands. Tap the warehouse button to open your shop’s stock. Customers will come in no time. Remember to keep the stands stocked! You can cash in customers standing in front of your counter by tapping on it. Each sell earn you some coins and experience.

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Let me help you! I can handle restocking the stands and cashing in customers. Remember to visit the market to get new goods and place them on the stands. Trading guild market - you can buy any kind of goods here and sell them in your shop.
Tasks are small assignments that will earn you some special rewards from the trading guild. It seems you’ve already completed something! Go ahead and claim the rewards.

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Blue slime extract - this cube is directly extracted from the slime body before the Liquor Mortis and have exceptional adhesive properties.
Mushrooms portion - portion of the most common variety of mushrooms, mostly used by Culinarian but can be incorporated in some potions.
Smoke bombs - best used for a hasty exit or a sensational entrance.
Tiny Shop wiki
Active adventure - from here you can send licensed adventurers on expeditions for you! They’ll go on missions and bring back anything useful for you! Expeditions - you can see how long your adventurers will take to complete it as well as the rewards. Remember to collect your rewards upon completion!

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Skills:
  • Catalog - here you will see all the furnitures you can use. Click on the button to open the furniture catalog. And here it is! Look at all this great stuff! new furnitures will be unlocked with time so come in often.
  • You can even move them around if you wish so! To do so just tap and hold on any furniture! You can even move your stands that way! Press and hold on any furniture or stand to move them.

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Upgrade, expand and customize your own fantasy store to attract more customers and become the most renowned and reliable provider of goods and items in all Caelanthia. Discover strange and exotic goods to sell, take advantages of market fluctuations, complete quests and send adventurers on quests to explore the world for you.
Tiny Shop tutorial

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