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Towers have risen from the earth and brought with them unspeakable evil. Fate has brought you the gates of this tower. A hopeful warrior in a hopeless situation. It is time to face your destiny, and save your world from Evil. Tap on an arrow to move or rotate. Every time you move, rotate or attack, you use energy. Find items in crates to replenish your energy. Click on weapons to attack. Each weapon works differently. You can catch monsters. Firstly weaken the resident eye by firing an arrow at it. Move closer to the monster. Now use your net to try and capture the monster.

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Your home - a place to keep monsters and build better weapons. Before we get to that, i think we should get back in the fight! Increasing your reputation in a tower results in more unique monsters coming to battle with you. You captured a resident eye. THis will be moved to your monsterpen now! Now tap on the monsterpen to select it! Equip the monster, so it fights by your side!
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Tiny Decks & Dungeons cheats, hack codes

Every day, you can get a few extra weapon packs. I sell two common packs for coins, and an extra one is provided by a sponsor. With the power that comes from new weapons and your skill in battle, i think you can deal with these monsters once and for all! I really love demolishing things, it’s my life! I used to be married, but i inadvertantly demolished our relationship.
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I only we could clear trees, you would have more space to build. I wish i could help you clear these trees, but since the accident, i don’t think i can be of much help. Obstacles are blocking valuable building space, so you should get rid of them over time. This will also grant you some resources. Clearing obstacles takes one of your building queue slots. You can't speed up the process, but you can cancel it if necessary.

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