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Protect Lunalie the summoner in her travels. Summon units to protect her. Reach the end of the road to win! Defeat enemies to gain mana. Summoning units – choose a slot to summon it, select the unit from your cards. Knights are simple, sturdy, but slow. A great and affordable choice to keep enemies away from Lunalie. Unit positions can be swapped when travelling. Prepare a good formation before enemies attack! Swap to an empty slot or with other units. Wave timer – double tap to trigger waves earlier. Early waves grant star points. Dire wolf cub – these cubs may not seem strong, but be careful! Larger ones are sure to follow where they appear. Dire wolf – wild and ferocious wolves that roam the caspid plains and its surrounding forests.

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Archer – are fast attackers. Quick and nimble, they can attack enemies even when they're travelling. Some units aren't meant to be in the front lines. Drag them away to safety for them to be more effective in battle. Regen – creates an area that heals your party. Make sure to have the units you want in range! Move them for more coverage. Bandit – skilled marksmen who take their enemy down from afar to get their treasures. A dismissed unit returns 50% of the mana used to summon it. For a different pace, there are other difficulties and challenge mode. Paladin – call upon divine powers to heal and sustain themselves in battle. Sentinel – have a huge attacking range will never miss their targets.

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There are two types of armour: physical and magic. Ranged units are way less effective in melee combat. Hearty health – increases the maximum health of warrior units. Rapid fire – increases the attack speed of ranged units. In challenge modes, there is no star point penalty if Lunalie receives damage. Don't forget to check what enemies are ahead before summoning new units. Wizard – are efficient in dealing with huge crowds with fire. Dancer – are great supports. Their charm strengthens and motivates allies. Knight – an alternative appearance to the knight – she wields a spear and shines in battle. Archer – an alternative appearance to the archer – also a Noxie, but of sheep descent.

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