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Have a bite of the golden mackerel. You’ll look 10 years younger! Let me try it. Join the golden mackerel expedition!
This is the farm of our shop. We obtain materials of the products we sell at the shop. Then, touch the field pointed by the arrow. Do you see the potato at the bottom, manager? Drag the potato and put it on the field. Drag it with your finger, it’s very easy!
Now, we have to wait until the potato grows. But, we’ve got no time for this right now, let’s harvest it now. Touch the potato field and use hack cheats code.

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You have to keep your eyes on your farm. If you run out of materials to sell at the shop, you are disqualified as a manager. Are you clear? For the balanced supply and demand of the products, enough materials in advance.
So! It’s time to learn what you do at the shop. You have the potato you harvested from the farm, right? I will tell you how to sell the potato at the shop. First, you need to use the materials harvested from the farm and make products to sell at the shop. Why don’t you install a fruits and veggies counter.

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You need two potatoes to make a product of potato. The materials required and the number vary by each product. Now, he started making a product of potatoes. You need some time to complete the product. But you can also reduce the time required. Touch the counter currently working.
Lastly, you have to display your products to sell item to the customers. Of course you need perfect stands for the products.
Today's Mart wiki
You’ve displayed the very first product of your own! Congratulations, manager. Keep making and displaying products to make profits. It is important to cultivate, you must make many products in advance.
Now, let’s install a new counter. You have to sell some other things, too. You need to sell various products at the shop. You need to visit the furniture shop to purchase new furniture. You can visit the shop through the menu at the bottom. Touch the shop icon pointed by the arrow.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • You can move, rotate, or sell the furniture by touching or dragging it.
  • The bigger the shop becomes, more furniture you would need. It's always so pleasant to visit the furniture shop!
  • If you've installed a new counter, you have to hire a clerk for that. Touch the clerk mark above the grains counter.
  • When the shop flourishes, you can hire more clerks. Man power is the power for our shop as well as our nation. Don't forget to hire a clerk after you purchase a counter.
  • When you sell the weapons you have, a new design will open.

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Hack cheats tutorial Today's Mart(wiki):
Now you have a new counter and a new clerk. All you need is a product you can produce on the counter. Let’s go and learn how to produce a new product.
Do you see the icon on the menu at the bottom pointed by the arrow? If you touch the icon, you can enter the screen where you can see the products. Here, we can learn how to make new products. Now, find the wheat in grains counter. That is the new product we are going to learn.
The materials required, production time, and display time vary by each product. So, it is important to make proper products in different situation.
Today's Mart tutorial

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Wait, manager! Where do you think you are going? You have to purchase a grains stand! You have to display your products on the stand to sell them! So this is it for the basics. Try not to forget everything i’ve told you!
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