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The avatar editor provides a wide range of possibilities. Please allow others to enjoy the game by refraining from making avatars that infringe on the rights of others. You can easily create a set of avatars by pressing X to randomize their features. Press R to select any features you wish to keep. The selected features will be excluded from randomization. If you see an athlete you like, press A to set it as your athlete avatar. While editing, press L to save athletes to the locker room.

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How to acquire tips: under tips, you can read extra information to help you master the events. Check the unlock requirements for each tip under My data, and try to unlock them all.
Press B as soon as you see “GO!” to start. Press B rapidly to speed up. The faster you press, the faster you will go! TO jump, flick L upward when the yellow line near your feet overlaps the pink area.

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When the word “SET” disappears, hold ZL to build up power. Release it at the right time for a super best stat! If you start holding it too soon, you will lose power before you start.
To swim, use L and R. The swimming controls change depending on the stroke. Swim speed affects your stamina. Swimming faster will lower your stamina quicker, while a slower pace will allow your stamina to recover. Press B when the circles overlap to turn, but keep pressing it afterward to speed up.
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Tennis singles - use L to move. Tilt L to aim and then press B to swing your racket. When returning a ball, you can start holding the button earlier to build up a powerful shot. To do a special shot, press L + B when the gauge is full.
Long jump: press b rapidly to speed up. The faster you press, the faster you will go. To jump, flick L to the upper right, just before you reach the foul line. The closer you are yo a 45 angle with your flick, the further you’ll jump. If your record is above 6m when you attempt the third jump, the audience will start clapping. Clapping inspires you to run faster and increases your chances of breaking the previous record.

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  • Table tennis singles: use L to move. Use R to swing the racket. The ball will go in the direction you tilt it. To do a special shot, hold L +R and then use R to hit the ball while the gauge is full.
  • BMX: press Y to jump. Try to jump at the red arrows on the course to perform a trick.
  • Boxing: use L for a left punch, and R for a right. The type of punch depends on how you tilt it. You'll guard automatically, but you can also hold R to guard whenever you like. Press ZL to sidestep left, or press ZR to sidestep right. You can dodge punches if you time it right, but watch out for hook counters. To do a special blow, press L + R when the gauge is full. Its power depends on the type of punch.

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In baseball, one team sends a batter to the plate who tires to hit a ball thrown by the pitcher. The batter trie to score a run, while the opposing team tries to catch the ball and get an out.
Pitching: use L to choose one of the available pitches and press B to select it. Then use L to choose where to throw the ball.
Batting: use L to move the cursor where the ball will be thrown. Then press B at the right time to hit the ball. To throw a special ball, press L when the gauge is full. Only your star athlete can do this!
Tokyo 2020 Olympics Games tutorial

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