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Tom Clancy's Secret Project Alpha cheat world: welcome to secret project: Alpha commander, time to lead the last line. Check the campaign now. The brief dispays the mission info. Now you need to select a squad, i already secured your first recruits. Rainbow 6 operator montage was first to sign up and is a great guardian. Add him to the squad. Santa Blanca Cartel's head of trafficking, Nidia Flores, also decided to co-operate and is a valuable Pointman. Add her to the sqaud.

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Now we have a squad ready to deploy. It's time to command them in battle. Your squad use their unique abilities automatically but you can use combat orders to influence the battle. You gained experience for that victory and salvaged some useful items. That victory gave us info on a new mission. Deploying drains assault energy that regenerates over time. We have more than enough now, so let's push on. Combat orders are critical to controlling a battle and victory. Try a different order for this battle.

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Combat order: air strike - launch 3 missiles each at a random enemy target dealing a small amount of damage in a medium radius. Focus fire - order all allies to reload and focus the enemy with the lowest value health, defeating the enemy heals all allies for a small amount. Hold -deploy high tech cover for the ally with the lowest % health, making them invulnerable for a short time. Focus fire is perfect for targeting low health enemies. Combined with combat aid to heal your squad this should be an easy victory.

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Excellent, you discovered enough intel credits to recruit 4th Echelon agent Anna Grimsdottir. Each recruit brings with them a unique set of abilities they utilise in battle. Ability: smi support - call in support from the SMI applying a 30% shield to the entire squad and cleanse any negative effects. Opsat uplink - anytime an ally receives a positive effect (not cast by self) Anna also receives the effect.
Building squads with strategic ability combinations is the key to success.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: each day a set of objectives are available to complete. Take a look at what's available today. Objectives are small tasks that offer great rewards. Earn enough experience and you increase your command level, this opens up new benefits and opportunities. As your command level increases you unlock new training levels for your recruits. Training credits you've collected can be used to train a recruit increasing their core stats.

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Tutorial (wiki): we also use gear items we've collected to increase a recruits gear grade, improving specific battle stats. All of upgrades increase a recruits skill rating and their effectiveness in battle. Check in regularly to see what improvements you can make, and track your intel gathered on another recruitment targets. Enemy rating indicates the difficulty of a mission. Remember to make upgrades before battle to increase your squad rating and give you the best chance of victory.

Tom Clancy's Secret Project Alpha  hacked

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