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Tom and Jerry Chase redeem codes

Tom’s blocked outside. Now’s your chance to get away. Hold the jump button down to jump higher. Now that you’ve given Tom the slip, hurry up and find the cheese. The cheese is heavy. Move it to the mouse hole before Tom catches up with you. Put the cheese down by the mouse hole. The cheese seems to be bigger than the hole. You’ll have to use all your strength to push it through. Pushing cheese gives you experience, which can be used to upgrade your skills.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Leveling up gives you skill points that can be used to upgrade your skills. According to the mini map, there’s cheese in the living room. Tap the action button to open the door. Jerry plans to dash back home while Tom’s distracted.
Tom’s out there laying traps all over the place. It’s too dangerous for Tuffy to go alone. 4 robot mice will help us find out where the cheese is hidden.
cheat, Step #2: Picking up EXP cakes gives you and your teammates EXP. There will be 3 EXP cakes on the map while your robot mice are out scouting. Whenever you see one, make sure to pick it up.
Tom - attack the mouse until it’s weakened, then catch it. Now, dispatch it with the rocket. Mice will be eliminated after being tied to the rocket for long enough.
Tom and Jerry Chase code, Step #3: Tying a mouse to a rocket gives you experience, which can be used to upgrade your skills. Just 40 seconds more and Jerry will be gone. Be patient, jerry’s got friends, you know. They’ll come for him, and for you! Use Jerry to bait the other mice here, then catch them all. According to the mini map, there’s a rocket downstairs. Get to the rocket and dispatch Tuffy.
Step #4: In a regular match, the cat needs to dispatch 3 mice to win. Tap the action button to pick up items. Tap again to throw the item.
Before we can escape, we’ll need to break through the wall. That may sound tough, but it’s actually pretty easy. Use fruit platter to attack the crack in the wall. The fruit platter needs time to restock after being used repeatedly.
You have almost broken through! Now you can either continue to use the fruit platter, or throw some of the other items around here at the crack in the wall.

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