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Tomb Survivor cheat world: ancient three sovereigns had achieved immortality for their unrivaled success and accomplishments whose people of many had lived 800 years. Later generations in attempt to find out the immortal secret were all of no avail. Only the Lord of Huai Nan dynasty, who had explored countless mountains and caves has revealed the secret and achieved immortality, and left the immortality seal in Mundane world.

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Liu of Nan Yang with the broken map of Huainan craving for immortality seal commissioned Lu Feng and et al to explore the Tomb of Qi River with a great amount of money. Lu feng sailed to Qi river of which roaringwaves reduced the ship to ruins and set them apart. Lu feng was drifted to a rocky shore while companions were missing.
Later he got the letter from professor Sun and carried the broken map and visited the Tomb of Qi river again for saving his companions. The ethereal dream for immortality the perilous and torrential Qi river the twist of Yin Yang the journey of challenge and adversity is now on...

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Pan and the crew departed from here. According to investigation, this is right above the tomb. The immortality seal is potentially in the tomb. My client told me to hand this scroll to you, as well as this touching gold rune rune. Evil spirit is everywhere. Wear gear and be careful. No one is living in old house. You can prepare some materials for the expedition. Counting on you this time!

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Abandoned tool stand - you can craft and refine some basic tools here. Repairs deformed issue, available for crafting simple tools, including torch and shovel. Abandoned stove - food is the basic source of materials, here's where you make food. Wood, copper and fire oil - supported the dilapidated stove, available for meat roasting.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: holes have been blocked, and medicine stand has been cleaned simply, available for making HP restoration potion, antidote. A map recorded the path that has been explored. Materials: meat - the main material for making dried food, cannot be eaten in raw, can be obtained via fishing and battle. Dried food - food, relieve hunger status, and restore team members' HP.

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Tutorial (wiki): exploration need food, pay attention to members' food costs. Hunger reduces attack, and halves HP. Backpack - all the important items are in the backpack during explorations.

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