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Dark lord will destroy the world? The World needs heroes. The Dar destroyer surrendered last year, but he did not give up, and has threatened to take over the world. Now the whole Pacific Ocean is under threat. People are calling for heroes! We will fight in the sea, we will fight in the air, on the beaches. We will never surrender!

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Commander, admiral Cheat-on is here for you! Drag a soldier to another soldier of the same level to integrate one higher level soldier. Merge into a level 3 soldier and prepare for battle. We can’t develop ourselves further unless we defeat the intruders.
Luckily we’ve defeated the enemy for now. Let’s rescue our engineer and get ready to rebuild.

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Now, let’s start building up our base! Buildings can also be combined. Found a coin harvester - defeat enemy to obtain auto reaper and free your hands. Unlock territory to save units who are caught up in bitter battles. The higher the level of the territory, the higher the level of the units that can be obtained. Unlock new areas to repair the tech research center.
Top War Battle Game wiki
Gold - coins are the universal currency in total domination.
The higher the level of a treasure box, the easier it is to get precious rewards. Invite new players to obtain keys and diamonds. Treasure chest refreshed at 00:00 every day. Ask friends to hep to receive more chest key! You can receive keys every day.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • You need to join an alliance and build your war hall to start an amass on warhammer 4k.
  • Reaching specific cumulative recharging condition to obtain the frost castle symbolizing the kingship.
  • THe more tasks you complete, the more rewards you receive. Complete returning quests to collect corresponded rewards.
  • Alliance move - after receiving an invitation to move the city, confirm on the alliance chat channel to move your city next to the alliance fortress.

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Residence - used increase coin buildings’ construction level. Can be obtained after defeating the rebel armed forces ont he world map.
Everyone can learn the basic rules in 1 minute, just TAP and SWIPE! But it takes a while for you to gain experience about troop type, rally tricks and so much more! Beyond that, there are dozens of troops, buildings and techs waiting for you to unlock!
Top War Battle Game tutorial

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