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X5jZar - unlimited energy
jIlUjl - treasure chest
IOuN1l - gold ingots
whrb0s - auto raid tickets
3d6OmR - cash
rdyMec - coupon
H9ddDR - summon ticket
Oh9tj1 - materials
ExS3bv - promotion
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Welcome to the underworld. Shadows deepened, something is about to happen- good, evil. Life, death. The street mobsters around makes it hard to find out any clue. Take care of these scumbags! Heroes cannot move, attack or use skills once stunned. Boss level battle time is limited. You can upgrade VIP and get more battle times using gold.

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Hero chest - open to get powerful heroes or hero pieces to power up! New heroes might have different stars once unlocked. The legendary hero will be 6 star once unlocked. You will have the chance to get certain hero piece when clearing the boss level. Characters: Sweet Pea (healer) - could definitely help because she can not only shoot but also give shots like a real doctor. Amu (mage) - his mic would tell you how good his rap is and his gun would tell you how much he is of a gangster. Willow (tank) - whenever the show is on, Willow just turns her swag on and whips her hair back and forth, and sways her mace.

Top Gang cheats, hack codes

Equip with the items obtained in battles for much greater strength. Loot items equipped. Let’s promote to a higher level! Equip all slots first to promote the hero. Use experience items to level up. It’ll help unlock new skills! Skills: bat strike - strikes down enemies with the bat. Shield up - puts shield on the entire team to block physical damage. The shield capacity is shared among the team.
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Hero stats list: strength, agility, intelligence, health, physical, magic attack, armor, critical hit rate and life steal. Increase player level to increase hero level limit. Finish tasks or combats in turf war to gain player EXP. energy - the necessity to start a combat. Cash - important currency that can be used in many occasions. Gold- very precious resource in the world. Auto raid ticket - helps to instantly finish the combat and collect rewards.

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Code number Cheat Hack title
1 4YmIYL upgrade
2 G4jsN9 stat point
3 TPpne5 coupon
4 qBbhan promo code
5 zgdz3A gift box
6 PVhmSz gold coins
7 uyOaP2 month card
8 JqikMj premium pack
9 RtKxpg legendary gear
10 YxOiY0 vip ticket
11 VOfXl1 gear pack

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aXgpPd - supply box
QKKJns - treasure chest
H9zYyU - multiplayer
PfFpWx - vip status
Wd9cZZ - star tokens
Hack k1ngIo - artifacts
Cheat jasfId - evade
1W73L4 - elite ticket
F8T321 - exchange cheat code

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