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For freedom and glory, revolution was carried on Europe more 200 years ago. But revolutionary were defeated in key battle and leaders were arrested. Now, it's time to lead your people to defend the revolution, general! The revolution may have failed, but our cause lives on! It's time to regroup our forces and look to the future! The royalists trained a monster troop! We must recruit more infantry to defend against them! With the right strategy, even a small force can make a big difference. We must expand our territory to resist against the royal regime.

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Wood is the resource we need most right now. Construct a samwill to start production immediately. Food is used to train soldiers. Construct a farm so we can feed our hungry men. Our craftsmen can finish construction instantly if a building is within 5 minutes of completion. Militiaman – peasants recruited to protect cities and provide military support. A tough unit that absorbs damage on the front line. Steam golem is royalists' secret weapon, rever sing the battle. Light cavalry – the curved sword and lance have excellent mobility, but they are weak against infantry formations. You must place your troops before entering the battlefield. Make sure to dispatch the correct troop type for each situation. Get extra rewards for drawing first blood! The general who deals the killing blow will receive double rewards.

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The city hall is the center of our operation. We must upgrade it at once. Upgrade your town hall to unlock buildings and enhance your power. Equipment can mean the difference between life and death for a soldier. Make sure to equip your men before you send them off to battle. Our territory will grow as you complete the quests on the list. You can find the rewards you've earned in your storage.  Total clash – treasure codes

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1. 8uHuqVRfPB – speed up
2. vEQ0gXHMZt – vip status
3. 5tVOemechr – legendary treasure chest
4. kPEj0eJXIE – unlimited resources (wood, food)
5. ZiieZzoQA7 – gold coins
6. 4yOTCLlgN5 – strategy action points
7. 2WbcRZu91n – gift pack

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