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Embers rise, stark against the night. The tyrant, Dong Zhuo, wields the flames of destruction. Luoyang burns, Chaos ignotes as the power of the eunuchs is crushed. In the pyre, the Han falters. As the old ways - the corrupt ways - die, a new flag is raised! He Yi knows it is time. The people must dawn like the spring.
China is in turmoil. The great empire of the Han, stretching back ages beyond counting, is being devoured by corruption. The Yellow turbans, thousands strong, began raising their banners in rebellion and seizing commanderies across the realm. in response, generals loyal to the emperor rose up and put down the rebellion.
Yet despite the victory, the chaos only grew. With the corruption at the very heart of the empire, the loyal generals stormed the imperial palace and killed the Ten Eunuchs, the source of China’s ills. In the madness, the warlord Dong Zhuo seized the emperor. With the great warrior Lu Bu at his side, none dared oppose him.
In response to Dong Zhuo’s brazen display - treason, some call it -a coalition of warlords rose up, led by the charismatic Yuan Shao, to save the Han. Faced with united opposition, Dong Zhuo retreated west to his stronghold of Chang’an, razing the old capital, Luoyang, to the ground as he fled. It is now the year 190 CE, and the coalition has all but collapsed. Warlords on all sides have seen opportunities to build their own fortunes from the chaos. Yellow Turbans remnants still stalk the lands, seeking the age of the yellow sky, whilst soldiers of fortune feel the change of fate on the wind and strike out on their own. The scales shift, and china hands in the balance.

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Establish your power: Lord Liu Bei - Dong Zhuo has seized the emperor, and now wields imperial power to his own tyrannical ends.
The Han dynasty must be saved, even if you must take their lands back by force. First, we must defeat the nearby Yellow Turban insurgents, then find a place to build our strength. Nearby, Tao Qian and Kong Rong are Han loyalists who may offer us aid. The time to act, my lord, is now!

Total War Three Kingdoms wiki
Battle wiki (tutorial): deployment phase - press ESC to open the help sheet, and press “i” F1 to open the info overlay for more information. Select all units ctrl + A. Deselect the unit by clicking on open ground. Pausing gives you time to issue orders and survey the battlefield. Threat shows units which are strong against your selected unit.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Quick deal faction list - this list shows all factions that would negotiate the selected treaty! See which faction would accept it, would need negotiations or would never accept the deal!
  • Trade acrement - negotiate a trade agreement between this faction and yours. You will receive the funds displayed per turn, as well as any trade resources they have.
  • Quick deal list - this list shows all available treaties!
  • Your faction rank reflects your campaign progress, and new ranks are gained as your prestige grows. To increase prestige, conquer territory, construct higher level buildings, control the emperor or take advantage of your faction's special attributes.
  • An army is encamped stance sets up temporary defences on the campaign and battle maps, giving them a defensive advantage over enemy attackers when away from a settlement.

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Hack cheats tutorial Total War Three Kingdoms(wiki): Unity:
  • High unity will accelerate progression by increasing prestige, and will grant additional administrator positions.
  • Unity can be spent on integrating Han empire territory without a fight, and on unique assignments.
  • Satisfied characters will increase unity gain.
  • Cohesion and unity are the seeds from which a new dynasty will grow. A new age of hope will not be built on the fragile foundation of a divided realm.
  • Harmony and disharmony: similarities in opinion allow relationships to flourish harmoniously. Encourage friendships by pairing complementary characters together; to prevent rivalries, avoid pairing conflicting characters together.

Total War Three Kingdoms tutorial

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He Ye - sees the Mandate of Heaven passing from the HAN and knows it is time to pick up the mantle of the yellow Turban rebellion and lead them in righteous revolution! He believes most ardently that if the Taipingjing - The way of great peace - declares that the land must be purified of evil, then he will be the instrument that delivers that purification. The old dynasty will be purged by war, and He Yi will see the yellow sky rise over a field of blood.

Total War Three Kingdoms Soldiers:
Peasant archers - cheap to raise, but low in morale, these peasants are armed with only a simple bow and the will to fight for the promise of the yellow sky.
Spearmen - forsaking farming tools for sharpened bamboo stakes, these peasants are cheap, with low morale, but risk their lives to fight against oppression.
Warriors - with low morale and armed only with improvised clubs, these starving peasants may not be formidable, but they are many!
Sable cavalry - these cavalry troops are armed with zhibeidao swords to neutralise archers and combat enemy cavalry units alike.
Ji militia - peasant militia armed with polearms; an expendable but versatile main force on the frontlines.
Marksmen - highly trained archers outfitted with leather armour and armed with zhibeidao swords to defend against infantry attacks.
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Total War Three Kingdoms Mode:
Romance - a more character centric Total war battle experience: Generals ride into battle as single, powerful warriors who use larger than life abilities inspired by their feats in the Romance.
Adds a parallel layer of character us character combat, in which generals must take bold action to prevent enemy character from devastating friendly units - or from effectively support their own.
To this end, generals are also able to engage each other in heroic duels as battles rage on around them.

Records - a more traditional, unit centric Total war battle experience: generals ride into battle accompanied by a unit of capable bodyguards.
Focuses on army level tactics and manoeuvres, where calculated action rather than heroic abandon will win the day.
Unit fatigue plays a more integral role in battle. As such, it is recommended to set the default battle move speed to walk (running may then be toggled via the on screen button or by double clicking when issuing move orders).

Total War Three Kingdoms performs:

Ancient rites (+15 enlightenment) - venomous reptiles fo not sting him, fierce beasts do not seize him. Birds of prey do not strike him. His bones are weak, his sinews tender, but his grasp is firm.
Embolden the people - that which is about to contract has surely been expanded. That which is about to weaken has surely been strengthened. That which is about to fall has surely been raised. That which is about to be despoiled has surely been endowed. This is an explanation of the secret that the tender and the weak conquer the hard and the strong.
Encourage militias - since the esteem of Reason and the honouring of virtue is commanded by nobody, it is forever spontaneous. Therefore it is said that Reason quickens all creatures, white virtue feeds them, raises them, nurtures them, completes them, matures them, rears them and protects them. how and where enter
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