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Happy summer vacation, dear! Congratulations on your admission to Royal college! I'm really proud of you! I'm sorry i haven't been able to contact you for some reasons, but it's all over don't you remember our agreements? Yes, you can come here to experience the life of the island Lord you are looking forward to! I really miss you who are fishing and catching insects with me and running happily in the field. I hope to see you soon. This is your grandfather's island farm! he's taken care of the basics, but there's still plenty to do: planting crops, fishing, mining, snorkeling, and more.

Tour of Neverland cheats, hack codes

1. S + QuBXQGkG - speed up
2. V + U8onDSwo - unlimited energy
3. Enter Q + Opu0HYWj - Memership
4. W + Pass kdVwVciS - A load of pearls
5. S + ErT1Z8CP - Harvester Pack
6. Enter d + K05Phna1 - vip status
7. s + 3IR9eax2 - level up
8. W + lPmcIOcO - materials
9. Q + 2Ka7iifZ - unlock buildings
10. q + Eg9ZDldH - pets
11. s + bZBpQmgg - secret combiantion

Control info Tour of Neverland: you can start by repairing some of the rundown building on the island. Next, you should sell some of your goods at the fresh market. Go speak with Skipper. He should be able to help you. I'll also be leaving freshbot, a delivery robot designed by your truly, to assist you. I'm sure the other animals on the island will be more than happy to lend a hand. All the seeds, cheats codes you'll use were developed with my formulas. They'll be able to be harvested quickly. First, you'll have to clear some debris to start farming. Next, you'll need to repair the abandoned buildings.

Hack Tour of Neverland, basics: when you've harvested your crops, remember to hand them over to Wilbur. He'll sell the crops at the fresh market! Once you've earned enough coins, you'll be able to start buying more items.
Head to your farm to start planting crops. Tap harvest to collect your crops. Tap till to till the soil with your Hoe! Try harvesting crops from four farms at the same time without cheat codes! Press, hold, and swipe up to harvest multiple plots at the same time. Please speak with Wilbur's assistant, freshbot. He's in charge of delivering your crops to the fresh market. If you help him with some tasks, he might even relay some messages from Wilbur!

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Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Try giving your goods to freshbot. Confirm the number of items you want to sell. After you've selected the gods you want to sell, tap deliver to deliver your goods to the fresh market.
  • 2. Work together with animal friends to build your very own island. Harvest crops, raise livestock, or go mining - it's your coice!
  • 3. Use cheats, go fishing, catch bugs and enjoy your vacation! Loads of decorations and outfits become the star of your island.
  • 4. Visit other islands, conduct trades and make new friends. Decorate and customize your own island cabin.
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1. g0NoCrnovfyvdO4
2. 6h99VCsjKc0Tzr9
3. hEprHjmj1TWBkCU
4. FqQsZYktOgV0lcT
5. NosL3aQ3sK8Kh0S

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