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Let’s protect our tower from looters. Units on the tower can have unique abilities. Tap on the archer. Archers can throw a hail of arrows at the enemy. Point the area where you want them to shoot. You can upgrade the tower for gold, increasing the number of slots and the tower strength. Upgrade the tower to open another slot for unit placement. Great, let’s get another unit and place him on the tower.

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Let’s buy this knight - we can use him in the future. Knight - summons tow other knights to the field of battle. Archer - unleashes a bunch of arrows on a specified area. Choose a slot on the tower where you can place the unit. Watchmen noticed an enemy approaching. We neef to protect the tower. You need to upgrade your units to protect the tower from the enemy. There’s an archer’s module at the top of the tower. It should be upgraded, as well.

Towerlands cheats, hack codes

Tower - to place units, modules and turrets. The battle is lost as soon as the tower loses all its strength. Archers module - the main fighting force of the tower. Slow down all enemies that they hit. Complete wave 5 to build your own city. It’s a very important part of your kingdom. We have an upgrade point available. Let’s use it. Library - receive points during battle and spend them on upgrades.
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Increase the amount of gold you get for enemy kills. You can get gold not only in battle but in the mine, as well - build gold mine. Upgrade the cart that delivers the gold from the mine to storage. The mine is functional even when you aren’t in your kingdom. Upgrade the cart that delivers the gold from the mine to storage. Drag the unit from the list to the empty slot in the tower. Place - press the button and choose a free slot in the tower.

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1 5hFDPY upgrade
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5 eJCUPD gift box
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7 pidQDF month card
8 2GI5Wl premium pack
9 n0XDqB legendary gear
10 AzBCxJ vip ticket
11 c13Xm9 gear pack

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SaWFvZ - supply box
KZAls3 - treasure chest
X1PFVx - multiplayer
3F6mdR - vip status
PDpjiB - star tokens
Hack SofRYL - artifacts
Cheat CP6AhU - evade
J3hFQ7 - elite ticket
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