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Town and Tails cheat world: Hello, my dear! So good to see you again. I got here as quick as I could. I still can't believe Mr. Magpie left you a brand new town in his will. I'm jealous. Best I ever got left in a will was a stack of Best Nest Living magazines. Who knew a desk job at Faunapolis City Hall would lead to befriending eccentric billionaires? Mayor of ANILAND... it has a nice ring to it! Don't you think, "Your Honor?"

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Of course, you'll need the right Town Manager to help you out... wonder where you might find one? Someone with ail the right expertise, who's worked with you at City Hall before... you're a dear friend, but you can be a bit dense at times. Anyway, let's find the new Town Hall. It’s around here somewhere...

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Mr. Magpie apparently started building a town here long ago, but he abandoned it quickly. He's a magpie. He got distracted by shiny objects. Still, there should at least be a town hall. Now where on earth is...Oh, wait, I was reading the map upside-down. I'm a bird-brain. First thing's first; let's clear up these cobwebs and vines a bit.

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I bet you thought being mayor would be more glamorous than our old desk jobs in Faunapolis City! Well, at least we re used to cleaning up other people's messes. Thafs still not going to be workable... or livable... or anything-able. We need a professional to help repair the building and make it look welcoming to new residents. If you bear with me, I have an idea...There's an architecture firm back in Faunapolis that would be perfect for this job. It's called Sheep&Ram Design. It was founded by Helen Sheep, one of the three most famous architects in Faunapolis. Why don't we give them a call and see if they'd be willing to help refurbish our town hall?

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Collect labels by matching three identical colored pieces with labels. Keep collecting the required labels to beat level! Match four pieces and what happens. We got о Rocket power-up. Swap it with an adjacent piece to launch it. You can also activate power-ups by double-tapping them. Beat levels to see what else you have in store!
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Tutorial Town and Tails (wiki): You have to match five pieces to get a Bomb power-up. Match 4 pieces in a square - you got a kite. YOu have a limited number of moves for each level. Bombs aren't the only thing you can get by matching five pieces. The rainbow paw power -up - swap it with the piece to remove all the pieces of that color.
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