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Game story: A letter? Why was the letter in the dream on my hand? My parents left a lot behind when they died. Maybe the letter is theirs too? But, i hadn’t seen it before? The letter says: “the curse is about to begin. Take Alfred back to the town before it’s too late to stop it.” The sender us Granny? The curse? Granny wants us to go back to the town? Why didn’t mom and dad tell me about this? It seems that i have to go back to the town to solve the mysteries.

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The book has Grandma’s handwriting - “for my dead Alfred, the Book of secrets...”, my grandma left this for me? Find out the secrets of the book. This book must have magical powers. Campaign - tap here to complete levels and get more stars.
Not long ago, a fog suddenly shrouded the town. The people said that the town was cursed by a devil. When the fog dissipated, the town became what it is now. Since the disaster happened, some people, including your grandmother, have disappeared. Everyone said the curse caused the disaster. Since then, every building has become fragile.

Townest Alfred's Adventure cheats, hack codes

Controls: switch 2 close pieces and make 3 of the same pieces connect. Switch 2 pieces again, let’s see what happens if 4 same pieces are connected. Get one line elimination, switch them, make sure they are in the same line to work. Left menu - these are the tasks, complete all the tasks to clear the level. Swapping two special effect to produce a more powerful effect.
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Consume stars to continue Alfred’s journey. Eliminate the pieces on the magic cells to generate magic crows to remove obstacles. Magic energy bottle - a random magic cell is generated when it’s full. There are a lot of wonderful things and rewards in this town. Various characters-such as Alfred, the crow, bookstore manager, etc. They will accompany you in your adventure.

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