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Sp2Xp9 - Wheelbarrow
3shCKz - Transit Notes
lyavqI - Fuel Bundle
DbRg7O - unlock vehicles
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0mTjT8 - materials
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Greetings! YOu must be my new transit manager! Let’s start with a simple delivery! The city needs apples. Let’s deliver some from the apple Orchard. After completion the truck returns to the garage. Hmm, there is a problem! Tap the warning sign. Indeed! We need apples to make apple juice! Let’s create a supply route from the apple Orchard to the juicery. Great! We’re now supplying apples to the juicery that creates apple juice for the city.

Transit King Tycoon hack

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The supply route is not needed anymore, so let’s park the truck and free the driver. Tap park to send it back to the garage. Now your truck and driver are free for another delivery. Remember that you need both truck and driver to make a delivery. Enter Sdf32Q - you’re unlocked a new area with great opportunities. Let’s make more deliveries. We need to build a road first. Open the build menu to access road building. Roads can be build simply by tapping. Tap the start and end points for the road.

Transit King Tycoon cheats, hack codes

Marvelous, now there is a road from the chicken farm to the city. Let’s create the delivery route now. More trucks means faster delivery! Let’s add another truck. Tap on the arrow on a facility to upgrade. Upgrade with either notes or deliveries. Set up the deliveries or use notes to instantly upgrade if you are busy. Now the delivery is done! Upgrade your facility for efficiency! You are now ready to work your way to become the transit King Tycoon. Play every day for the streak reward! Keep coming back for the premium reward.
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Gas stations tutorial: place the gas station: restores fuel for vehicles within radius. Press arrow icon to upgrade your gas stations. Refil your gas station manually from the drop icon. Use arrows icon to move your gas stations. Place more gas stations to make the most deliveries (fill themselves with 1 unit per hour).
Upgrade trucks: tapon the garage to pick a vehicle. Tap on the upgrade button. Upgrade all trucks with the upgrade all button. keep on upgrading vehicles to make them efficient!

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8 upz9Nc premium pack
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j1rNTz - supply box
U0r3zt - treasure chest
0t7mbN - multiplayer
tC6Rmu - vip status
p0mbCG - star tokens
Hack 8QhZw8 - artifacts
Cheat mtz18t - evade
MbmdbS - elite ticket
4zZPiJ - exchange cheat code

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