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Your haracter in this game is called Steve Harrison, employee of Earth Foreign relations department, and one of the most trusted agents of Elder. He had just been choosen for the most important mission in the history of the department. The fate of humanity could be hanging in the balance.
You can choose your game difficulty level. For novice players, it is advisable to select the “pacifist”, or “militarist” level. The more advanced “xenologist” and “soldier” levels should provide a suitable challenge for the more experienced players. The “diplomat” and “field commander” levels are really tricky and are designed to please the most ambitions players who already know the game inside out and are looking for maximum challenge! These difficulties will allow you to achieve the highest possible score in the game. You can review the different difficulties below before committing to a preference.

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The journey to Dorya took longer than expected due to a mailfuction in one of the hyperspace engines, doubling the usual travel time of six days. Steve had a hard time hiding his disappointment with the delay.
There weren’t many options for passing the time on board, as the ship was designed for military operations. The only source of entertainment for the twenty-odd officers was talking to each other in the canteen. They had endless arguments over various topics related to the recently won war. In the midst of these no holds barrel discussions, the passengers’ attitudes toward the Diryans were laid bare.
Some officers preferred to eschew the small talk in the canteen in favor of the privact of their cabins, where they had the peace and quiet to prepare for their upcoming assignments. What should Harrison do: 1. Retire to his cabin. 2. Visit the canteen more often.

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Retire to his cabin:
Harrison would have preferred bonding with his fellow officers but he was pressed for time, and his mission could not suffer delay. That’s why he had to limit his visits to the canteen and focus on unraveling Dorya’s mysteries instead. His military grade laptop proved very useful for finding the information he needed.
Which mystery do you want to investigate? 1. Dorya’ s discovery! 2. The invention of the Cullman force field.
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Steve found some disturbing facts about how the two civilizations - the human and the Doryans - first met. Earth’s research ship Pino had suffered a malfunction in the middle of a warp jump - an accident that from a technical standpoint should have been nearly impossible! Furthermore, the odds of the ship dropping out into real space in close proximity to a previously unknown planet, populated by advanced sentient life, were quire liberally astronomically low. And to top it all off, the chances of Pino’s code-1 emergency signal reaching Earth were 200 to 1!
Steve Harrison was not one to believe in coincidences. Luck turning its back on you was one thing, but at some point of stacking improbability upon near impossibility it’s time to stop and check if maybe some of those vents are driven by intelligent design. In this case, Steve was willing to believe that stumbling upon Dorya was the result of someone’s deliberate efforts. You earn knowledge, prestige!

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • To achieve victory at the end of level 3, you need to have 5 disabled barricades.
  • Move around by swiping. use the look up or look down buttons to scan the battle area ahead.
  • After learning about the Doryans' main school of though, Steve decided to read up on the planet's modern history. Maybe the key to the mystery of the Doryan's unprovoked aggression toward the Pino and its rescue expedition was there.

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Discover the truth about the war between Earth and a hostile alien race. Balance between your prestige with the military and your reputation amongst the conquered species. Engage in dangerous mini-game missions with your combat speeder. Navigate complex moral choices… and live with the consequences. For fans of Sorcery!, Fighting Fantasy and Choose Your Own Path. Master 3 levels of difficulty and 6 character archetypes.
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