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Cheat Trash Game Match3 hack android, ios code

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Trash Game Match3 Cheats
10 medals - use hack #HCunFK3db
artifacts - enter pass #iXa1QBj9l
1000 gems - #2cUZni4jk
50 power items - #owl4PTb1u
unlimited moves - #KV79Tyo91
booster - #hDIqYjuh0
1 Month Card code - #RcTPRQYVd
upgrade cheat - #YJrrlQoC8
rare materials - #MPFF8yvE9
weekly gift bag - #RlvmaOJm9
secret combination - #8u3t8zqlx
level up - #CdMx4Pef7
10000 gold coins - #scpl0yQxv
materials - #vMw4aLNUv
special reward - #kXJa1zwLM
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Trash Game Match3 Story
Hi, going digging through the trash? I'm kidding. You've got a lot of work ahead. go to household garbage location and choose a contract. Click the start button and play. All household waste sorting tasks come here. Choose the most profitable tasks on the contract list. New contracts appear over time.
Hack Basics
Contracts are different. They differ in costs, tasks, and scope. But don't worry, all the sorted garbage will still end up in your warehouse. You're noticed that the more items you collect at a time, the more you get. Try to make combinations of many identical elements at once. For excellent performance of the contract, you will receive a new contract in the same location.
Hint & Tips
1. All sorted items end up in the warehouse. Here you can sell or send them for recycling. Keep track of the warehouse filling level and upgrade it. Send non recyclable items to other disposal companies.
2. Oh, about the plant. it recycles garbage into raw stuff to put its price up. Upgrades give higher process speed and queue.
3. Press compactor for beginners. it has a small power, but fast. Intended for pressing not too hard materials such as paper or chard board.
Patch Version
Trash Game Match3 Redeem gift code
1. 6kz8JSIGFVDlIjE
2. G5fIQLIcKD4Rv27
3. Q3430Xm7k38uFlU
4. 2dzj0pG6EDxJIbl
5. h8ixwKkcJIKHrkT
Released BySolarios
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date18 September 2020
Last Modified18 September 2020
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