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. Travia returns - raid tickets, unlimited actions, sweeps, gold, merit, legendary equipment, boost package, gems, hearts (New York, Unated state).

Welcome to new android game, my lord! Let me start off by telling you about explore. Choose character: Damian -we are needed in Acquitaine. Saber – a character with a swift and a precisive striking using her unique chain weapon. Blade – a long sword character with a lunging slash and a decisive kill shot. Good job, now tap the explore button in the open battle menu to go to the preparation screen. Now, let's really get into how to prepare for an adventure. There are 3 types of stages in a chapter. There is one experience stage and one gold stage in each chapter. Normal stage - it covers most of the journey, with no special characteristics. XP stage – you can acquire more experience than the normal stage. You must clear the previous stage before you can only select and enter the following stage.
 Travia returns: preparation window

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AWe will now learn obout the preparation window. You can increase your stage clear rewards by using a boost. IF you clear a stage within the suggested time, you can acquire stars and receive achievement rewards based on how many stars you have. Actions are used for explore. Each point replenishes every 3 minutes. (If you need more action, then you can get them at the store or hack cheats code game). Auto repeat repeats until all actions have been depleted. If you use sweeps, you can complete the stage immediately (sweeps can only be used in cleared stages). I would tell you more if it weren't for the advancing enemies. I will let you enter this one time without using any actions. Tap the explore button to open the exploration prologue.

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 Travia returns: hack cheat
Higher rarity items and troops always have better stats and require less experience to evolve to the maximum tier. When you buy energy, you also receive raid tickets. Evolving an item consumes evolution materials in variable amounts. You can acquire them from the daily dungeons. Leveling up your skills is as important as upgrading gear. You can acquire potions at the arena. You can acquire various premium consumables at Kaya tower. Explore are the best place to acquire the materials for leveling up and enhancement.
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Gear of the same grade will have stronger powers if you match the chemistry. More team members mean more gold at the battleground. Use balista to stop the advacing enemies. Make a team with your own characters.

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 Travia returns: hero gems package 1. QaZh3Fxegc - Raid tickets
2. AjmUJlJIM1 - Unlimited Actions
3. yF4haQgvA4 - Sweeps
4. 578aolMrOu - gold
5. yMpXyNAROG - merit
6. mYKYLC2kql – legendary eqipment
7. Vw7iekpS7R - boost
8. FPT0D1ZOyG - package
9. sPoV4tG5O3 - gems
10. YRPHwicVyN - hearts

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