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In one prosperity land called “ Fenicia”, suddenly, one ominous gate appears out of nowhere. Later on, Great Existence performed Denephris seal, yet, it did not succeed.
So, Great existence, in order to seal the ominous gate. Once more, calls for a long, fierce war. The dimension was broken and the world was distorted. One family member of Great existence, Athena was ordered to guide you, descending to Fenicia. Finally here i found you...

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Doomsday. Without warning, an ominous gate appeared over Felicia - a once peaceful and prosperous land, alive with various races. As the gate opened, the incarnation of the apocalypse - dynemperius swarmed out. The time of peace came to an abrupt end. Dynemperius opened a portal that connected Layard, the realm of Purgatory and Felicia.
To close that ominous gate, the Freat one, who once sealed Dynemperius in Layard, once again fought against his nemeses. However... after centuries of hatred and obsession, Dynemperius have evolved and gained unprecedented, unholy power. They were even powerful enough to revolt against the Great one. Beyond the dimension, the world begins to distort. As the wer escalated, the situation is gradually moving in the worst direction. Athena, under the command of the Great one, came to delicia, seeking the predestined savior.

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Warrior, the demons of the outer dimension are getting closer. The new world is at risk! IT’s time for you to save the world. Tap a stage icon to eliminate the demons there. Tap change formation to send soldiers into battle with you. Drag a hero to deploy or change his or her position. Dragging a hero outside of the formation will remove the hero. Use your ultimate skill to destroy demons!
Trial of Fate wiki
The aura of the faraway monsters is growing stronger, warrior. Come with me to hack partners to aid us on the road ahead. You can advance a hero once all of their rune slots are activated. Click rune icon to check their drops. Insert gems on your gear to increase power greatly. And remember, different positions in the formation provide different stat bonuses. These bonuses are increased when the formation levels up.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • XP fruits help heroes level up fast, rapidly increasing their power.
  • Rank match rewards can be claimed every day at 24:00, better ranks means better rewards.
  • Tap and drag a hero in battle to control character's movements and avoid enemy attacks.
  • Tap on a target to make all soldiers focus fire on it. Perfect for quickly taking out powerful foes.
  • You can't challenge a Utopia stage until you clear the previous one.

Trial of Fate tips
Hack cheats tutorial Trial of Fate(wiki):
Stages have hidden areas with chests that contain bonus rewards.
Craft gear to get advanced gear of higher tier and better base stats.
Join a guild to enjoy the power in numbers.
Heroes can equip exclusive artifacts to activate special extra stats.
Transcending an artifact costs artifacts of the same type, so hold on to duplicates that you get.
We can switch to auto skill casting. In this mode, heroes will automatically cast rage skill. It’s super convenient.
Trial of Fate tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Trial of Fate: gold, gift box, stamina, unlimited MP.

Heroes: Euryale - a celestial girl who was born immortal: deeply envied by Lucifer, she was deprived of her immortality. However, Euryale doesn’t care about herself at all, as she desires only to protect the beings of this land with her bow and arrows.
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Events for opening server: SSR hero limited in summon to get Valkyrie. Great rewards from 7-day login event help you to clear all the stages easily. Collect lucky stones and join the lucky draw to get great rewards. For any question or more event details, please follow our fans page or mail.

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