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Free hack Trillionia cheats code list - upgrade, promotion, level up, promo ticket, epic card, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Trillionia cheat world: we only have an hour left to pack up our stuff. We need to leave palace immediately. The relic God disguised himself as the God of creation, thus deceiving the king. You can only bring invaluable items with you, like clothes. Your highness, do you know what the arena is? It a place where commoners play. Where the winner gets a sum of prize money. The arena is a competition designed by the god of creation. The relic god enjoys watching matches. Hence, he decreed that all participants don’t have to heed his orders.

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If you win enough coins, you can reclaim the chicken kingdom and abolish the law requiring you to wear pig masks. Behind us stands the recently build, chicken castle arena. You need to understant the rules perfectly in order to win back your kingdom. Your highness, you’re now at the start of the arena. Battle is quite simple: Occupy as many neutral houses as possible, so they come under your possession. Opponents must pay a Toll when they land on your house. If they have insufficient coins, they must declare bankruptcy, thus losing the game.

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All actions made in the arena are determined by the cards players play. This is your current hand of cards. Movement card - the numbers on the top left corner represent the number of steps you can take. Let’s use this card right now! Swipe to throw it out and use it. The roulette decides the number of steps you make. As the move card has 1-6 moves on it, the roulette will also have numbers from 1-6. A move card may have different move numbers on it. If it has 1-2, then the roulette will only contain numbers 1-2.

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