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Free hack Triple Chain cheats code list - gold, soul stone, evolve, promo ticket, summon hero, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Triple Chain cheat world: the chosen one..what have you seen? What we do is throwing small rocks. The shape of the water still depends on humans. What i am curious about is your response... itself. The important thing is not your thoughts now, it is human habits that are confined by the past and unknown future. You wouldn’t be an ordinary human if you could find this place. Known as the swordmaster, you should be able to walk in our paining. Maybe you can try and find the answer there?

Triple Chain hack

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I someone who wants to help you. I’m watching you from where i can’t be seen. Do as you’re told then you’ll survive. Puzzle guide: Close range type - monsters with HP can be connected freely. Move your finger and launch attack to the soldiers. The wizard can only move in straight lines. The wizard attacks the monsters that are gathered at a blow.

Triple Chain cheats android, ios hack codes

Triple Chain hack relics
The spearman is linked to monsters of any color. It’s the most important thing for you guys to get stronger. The weapon or rune was able to strengthen or awaken. Strengthening the weapon themselves...Warning requires the same weapon or rune. To increase your weapon or rune’s ability, you have to upgrade. As the journey continues, more weapons and runes - you can get it. If you do not upgrade, you can not move forward.

Triple Chain wiki
Apart from colored monsters, the rest are classified as multi colored. That includes our hero(es), which can be connected freely. Wizard has the ability to control fire. Each class has various assist skill. When you get the magic attack, you’ll be able to unlock hidden abilities. You can activate additional skills by contacting the other mercenaries.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Alchemists all the enemies she encountered in her path.
  • Sorcerers freeze their enemies so they can not move.
  • Archer's active skill can attack 6 enemies in one direction.
  • The fighter has a narrow attack range, but has a high attack power.
  • Cleric can ressurect a dead ally.

Triple Chain tips
    Tutorial Triple Chain(wiki):
  • Succubus can increase allies skill range.
  • Dancer can make an enemy attacks each other.
  • Thief steals additional items from the enemy.
  • The main body and avatar position may exchange with each other.
  • The summond pumpkin will attack a nearby enemy.
  • A lancer can attack multiple enemies at the same time.

Triple Chain tutorial

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  • 1. 9rfdmOVIxltkOTW - jewel
  • 2. QzyEIsNDS2YShMp - soul stone
  • 3. yuleaegtNB1tOsE - summon hero
  • 4. jMdnRmoPwSfKrY5 - promo code
  • 5. 6mA8mtqT3nKf3bu - gold
  • 6. dTYK1LpOnihi1qo - evolve
  • 7. 8Ip73zZ7BOvbYmh - gem crystal (diamonds)
  • 8. m0gQt32CDsIjMmO - premium pack
  • 9. amOOV6Z2XhO9lXY - chest
  • 10. TpBkv0hntGzWdUm - vip ticket

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