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Free hack Triple Fantasy cheats code list - evolve, energy, gold, promo ticket, rubies, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Triple Fantasy cheat world: the peaceful kingdom, Asteria one dark fateful day. Monsters invaded the kingdom, destroying all in their path. Just as the capital was in danger of falling, the captains of Asteria’s royal guard suggest a radical plan to their king. There are some artifacts in this world that were used by Merlin. You’re from the same world as him, so why don’t you try using them? There are great powers contained within the ancient artifacts.

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You aware of the 3 elements, fire, water and earth. Your current enemy is an earth type, so draw a fire card to attack it. It seems that combining cards with the same element makes the stronger. Left number is attack. You will inflict that much damage, but based on elemental types, it can be doubled or halved. Right number is recovery. You will restore as much health as your recovery. This must be the magic the artifact contains. If cards with the same element and class are combined, they become musch stronger! Monk, paladin, and priest are all in the faith class.

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The elemental matchup might not be the best, but a multiplier of 15 should be enough. Does this magic only trigger alongside the same element? What if we combine all 3 elements? You’ve discovered more magic. Tap and hold the Magnifying glass button to check the details of your enemies. The selected card’s leader skill will activate upon attacking. Lead your troops to victory by utilizing leader skills.

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Skills: draft - as the leader, create 4 Wei soldier cards with 38% attack and send them to the deck. Forced sacrifice - when entering the Grave, absorb and remove attack of all Wei soldier cards of the field. Ardor - this card’s attack is increased each time it is drawn from the deck. Stepping on shadows - as the leader, return to the deck after attacking.

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