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Triple Hearts cheat world: oh, a new commander? Welcome, i'm cheat-on, the leader of the mercenaries. The goal is simple. kill all the enemy heroes or destroy the enemy towers to win. Let's try summoning some heroes and units. Tap the hero icon to summon him to the battlefield. Mana will recharge after summoning a hero. You can summon units with recharged mana. Summoning a unit requires as much mana as the cost of the unit. Tap the surface to move the hero. Tap the enemy to attack.

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Try using a hero skill, skills can change the tide of battle with their power and effects. Destroying all enemy towers will ensure your victory. let's go take out their heroes and towers. use patrol Captain Theodore's skill, cutting and chopping - charges at enemies and chops them. Tap behind the enemy units. Reuse skill within 5 seconds. He charges back to the starting position and damages enemies again. Final blow focuses and attack towards a chosen direction.

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Great, you're doing better than i expected! Now, let's go strengthen our forces. Move to craft menu - you can craft hero pieces here. use hero pieces to get new heroes and transcend them. Press the deck organization icon - a deck consists of 3 heroes and 5 units. Get more heroes and units to crate more diverse decks. Tap the battlefield icon to move to the battlefield menu.

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In order to strengthen your heroes, equipment is a must. I'll tell you how to craft equipment. Move to craft menu - this is where you will craft your equipment. We can't afford to lose time here. I'll give you a craft hack pass to finish it immediately. Use an amber stone to upgrade your gear. Remember, your units also have to be strong enough to support your heroes. Some units have long cooldown. It's difficult to summon many of them. Your heroes will gain more stats and upgrade their skills after transcending. You'll ned hack a lot of hero tokens to transcend heroes, so keep your hero tokens safe and hack them to transcend your heroes.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:assassins quickly inflict heavy damage to nearby enemy heroes. You need mana equal to the unit's cost to summon. A hero's active skill can be reused after a certain amount of time. Tap and slide the skill icon down to see the skill information without using the skill. In sudden death mode, attack by bases will cease while ATK of heroes and units will increase. You have to defeat all enemy heroes or destroy all enemy bases to win in the battlefield.

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Tutorial Triple Hearts (wiki): earn additional gold rewards by winning a set number of times each day on the battlefield. A hero's deck buff will be applied even when the hero dies. Heroes only take half the damage from enemy bases. use your heroes to destroy enemy bases. You can also win by defeating all enemy heroes. Don't give up just because you have less bases. Mana will only be recovered when a hero is on the battlefield. You can tap a base to change where your units are summoned.

Triple Hearts hacked Triple Hearts Hero: necromancer Samara (human, magic): unrecoverable single attack, summons skull soldier when an ally is killed and increases ATK. Dawn light Ellowen (elf, ranged) - wide area penetration skill, enemy knock back skill. Increase attack speed during standstill attack. White knight martin (human, melee) - remove and become immune to mez, create shield. Strengthen human units. Master of runesword Theodore (human, melee) - charging skill, increase attack speed, critical hit. Recovers HP if critical.

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