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Okay, let’s learn how to fight? First is melee attack! Start from the knight position. Melee - auto connect monsters with HP. Follow the movement of the finger and attack. Connecting a certain number of monsters of the same color will launch chain skills. The number of monsters required to launch the chain skill. Every hero is different, you have to confirm it.

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Tyr to get used to the way the knight operate. Then come and learn our movement. Move the knights and eliminate monster. Next is range attack - try to move a wizard. The wizard can only move in straight lines. Have you seen it? After hero attacked the monster, the attacks will become fire attributes, this is called assist skills. Every hero also has their own assist skills

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It turns out, knight’s assist skills are additional hit. Try to practice he wizard movement you just leaned. You can use knights and wizards now. It seems that you have to think about strategy and move hero effectively.
Assassin - a hybrid attack, based on the color of the first selected monster, jump and move along the line! SKip Kelly with the color you first selected then you’ll be able to move.
TripleChain wiki
Popo rider is the healer. In addition to attacking enemies in the chain range it will also heal our allies within the range. The color of the first monster selected at the very beginning is super important. To control Popo, you must bear in mind. Now three characters can be operated. You can choose anyone to attack in every turn. Remember to carefully consider and try to fight.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Swordsmen can increase dodge rate of their own and their allies.
  • Cat costum - chance get various rewards.
  • Soul stone summon reward - quick path to evolve your heroes.
  • Boss dungeon - powerful enemy appears, challenge ancient forest keeper.
  • Login during particular to get stamina, login during event time to obtain soul stone.

TripleChain tips
Hack cheats tutorial TripleChain(wiki): Since you already know the basic. Lastly, i will teach you active skills. Go get the magic potion first. The more monsters you kill, the more SP you can charge.
Is it time to start the adventure now! If you successfully cleared stage, you can also get new hero. Try to use the battle method you just learned.
TripleChain tutorial

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