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First hero - Son of the King of Troy, Paris was a handsome young man but he was not especially. The war begins. The bowman claim to have “how so accurately piercing they will fall before they get a chance to stand! Destroy the enemy’s tower. Tap on the hunter to control him! Punch someone. Sword mans are training and will appear shortly. Swipe screen sideways to view the enemy’s zone. Destroy the enemy tower to win. Build up your army and finish them off. Good luck and have fun.

Trojan War hack

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You’re unlocked bowman. Switch to talent tab and upgrade characters. Ambush mode - your army has been attacked by natives to this land. Reinforcements will arrive at sunset. Hang on until then. Survive until the sin sets. Use talent - deerhorn’s artemis: hunter rush to get a quick boost to your economy. Tap in the trojan horse and call on the guardian to protect you.

Trojan War cheats, hack codes

Artifact - demeter: is the goddess of the harvest and presides over grains and the fertility of the earth. The Demeter artifacts gives your of a reduced training time for the unit the artifacts is applied to, a build cost decrease. Ares - was the gree God of War and perhaps the most unpopular of all the Olympian gods. The Arews artifacts gives the user the ability to stun enemy, has the ability to deal critical damage.
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Chronos - is the God of time. The Chronos artifacts increase movement speed and attack speed bonus. Achlys - is an ancient Greek Goddess that symbolizes the mist of death. The Achlys artifacts create a mist that slows down enemies, reducing their combat ability. The gift from the god Artemis - Goddess of the hunt. Help hunters work more effectively.

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