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Once upon a time, young Troll was patrolling his cave. When suddenly, a horde of vile humans burst through the entrance! Unprepared but courageous he stepped forward to defend his hom! Battle: Connect three or more similar tiles. Tiles can be connected in any direction. Connecting many tiles can yield in high bonuses but also dangerous situations, so watch out.

Troll Patrol hack

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This is one of those peasants, a troll’s least terrifying enemy. The red number is their health, the grey one their armor, the white is their attack damage. Connect them with swords to deal them extra damage. Every slain enemy yields XP. Special enemies yield more points! Gain enough XP and you go up a level and gain skills. Enemies deal damage to your health each turn. Most enemies will take a turn to notice you before they attack. So attack first, hit hard and make your mommy proud! Some enmies attack straight away, so watch their eyes.

Troll Patrol cheats, hack codes

Connect potions to increase your health and recover from damage. Connect shields to increase your defense and block some incoming attacks. Each hit you take may reduce your armor again. When you have maximum armor, any collected shields get transformed into loot. Once you have collected enough loot you can upgrade! Connect coins to gain gold. Better items can be purchased once you have collected enough gold.
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After collecting enough gold coins or loot you will be offered up to four different upgrades, depending on your class, items and unlocked features. Each selected upgrade will be added to those previously selected. No matter what you select, you won’t lose any power up.
Every 50 turns boss enemies can appear. Defeat them and they become unlocked for future patrols. The further you get, the more enemies you will discover. Defeated bosses can yield treasures, and who doesn’t like a bit of treasure?

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Troll Patrol tips
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