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Trucks Gone Wild cheat world: first you'll need to find a truck to complete with, pick a good one. Every 24 hours new trucks are available here in the truck yard. Use the arrow buttons to view the other trucks on offer. Hit buy when you are ready to purchase a truck. Your car has seen better days, but it's able to complete...Let's get it out on the field. Place - here you can see your personal bests for each level and event. To change the selected level, hit the arrow buttons. Hit select to continue.

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During events, your truck is bound to get damaged. Damaged parts won't perform at their best, so be sure to keep your truck in tip top condition. You can choose to repair, or not to repair an item by toggling the + checkbox next to the item. Buy truck will take you to the truck yard, where new cars are available daily. If you want to fit some trucks in your garage, purchase an upgrade from the upgrade garage menu.

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Parts improve the performance of your vehicle. You'll be needing these if you want to become TGW champion. The panels category allows you to customize your truck to your liking. TO really spruce up your truck, you can paint your panels or add some decals. Go to the repairs menu if you need to repair your truck outside of an event. Tools can give you discount on future repairs.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: within a part category you can freely install any parts you have purchased. Certain parts can be painted or adjusted. Just click paint or adjust when available. Some parts are locked. You can unlock parts by purchasing those that are currently available. Open crates for a chance to win cash or upgrade items for your truck.

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Tutorial Trucks Gone Wild (wiki): you can upgrade your truck in the garage. The upgrades menu is not just for one truck! You can upgrade your garage to store more trucks. The setup category allows you to change how your truck is configured and optimize performance. If you get tired of your current car, hit sell truck, to sell your car to the highest bigger.

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